Notes from the Lab

Reading Test Results

From time to time you and we run across a competitive product brochure or an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) requirement with test methods that do not follow the standard ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) nomenclature or results. There are a number of different standards in place such as: the German DIN (Deutsche Industrie Norm), ISO (International Organization for Standardization), and SASO (Saudi Standards. Metrology and Quality, Org) to name a few. This makes reading test results, especially for [...]

SWEPCO 722 HiTemp Chain & Roller Lubricant has been IMPROVED

Exepected in Europe: March 2019 Swepco 722 HiTemp Chain & Roller Lubricant has been improved in several areas. Swepco 722 is now NSF H-1 Registered and the label on the updated product will display the blue NSF logo. This means the 722 can be used in bakeries, food processing plants and other areas where incidental food contact may occur. SWEPCO 722 is now Bio-degradable! When exposed to water and environmentally sensitive areas. After exposure it will begin to degrade and greater than [...]

SWEPCO 710 Maximum Performance Synthetic ATF

SWEPCO 710 Maximum Performance Synthetic ATF  is a fully synthetic automatic transmission fluid designed for use in modern automotive and light duty vehicles. This includes 6, 7, 8, and 9 speed planetary automatic transmissions that require an oil viscosity between 5 and 6 centistokes at 100°C. Designed for modern transmissions with 6 to 9 speed automatic transmission commonly used in cars and light duty vehicles such as vans and pick-up trucks. SWEPCO 710 Maximum Performance Synthetic ATF is designed to [...]

SWEPCO 801 Clear Penetrating Lubricant

SWEPCO 801 Clear Penetrating Lubricant

SWEPCO 801 Clear Penetrating Lubricant A high-performance lubricant is available that out performs the competitors. SWEPCO 801 not only penetrates and loosens nuts, bolts, screws, equipment and other corroded items, it also lubricates and protects these items. Unlike other competitor penetrating fluids, SWEPCO 801 leaves a coat of oil, corrosion inhibitors, and anti-wear agents. We sprayed an equal amount of SWEPCO 801 and a major competitor into a couple of pans. After a couple of days, the competitor product was gone, [...]

Lubricating Electric Motors

Lubricating Electric Motors

Lubricating Electric Motors Electric motors contain bearings that require lubrication. Most electric motors use grease. Ideally the grease should have: dropping point above 204°C (400°F), low bleed characteristics, excellent resistance to high-temperature oxidation, and good anti-wear properties. Typical thickeners include lithium, calcium, bentonite, and polyurea. One of the biggest issues is that these thickeners are not compatible with each other which will cause problems and bearing failure if greases are mixed randomly. If the bearing size is known or can be determined, the amount of grease [...]

SWEPCO 150 Wire Rope Grease

SWEPCO 723 HVG Anti-Wear Wire Rope Lubricant

SWEPCO 723 HVG Anti-Wear Wire Rope Lubricant is a state-of-the-art synthetic product designed for use on wire ropes and cables. SWEPCO 723 has proven performance in mining, stevedoring, and all types of operations throughout the world. Wire ropes are everywhere and used on a variety of equipment such as Hoists, Cranes, Marine Tow and Mooring Lines, Aerial Tramways, Dredges, Draglines, Mining, Elevators, and many other applications. Most competitive wire rope lubricants are asphalt or grease based which makes the inspection of [...]

SWEPCO 702 Synthetic Universal AW Compressor Oil

SWEPCO 702 Synthetic Universal AW (Anti-Wear) Compressor Oil is a state-of-the-art compressor fluid designed to work in all compressor configurations. SWEPCO 702 Synthetic Universal AW Compressor Oil will provide long service life in rotary screw, rotary vane, reciprocating and centrifugal compressor applications. The benefits of using SWEPCO 702 are: Long, reliable service life of 8000 hours or more. Syntheon™ synthetic base stock blends for wide temperature range performance. Superior low temperature properties down to -40C(F) for year around performance. Contains Lubium II® for additional corrosion [...]

IGMA Bulk Terminal Amsterdam

SWEPCO 164 Ultra Extreme Pressure Open Gear Lube

SWEPCO 164 Ultra Extreme Pressure Open Gear Lube is a high-performance advanced calcium sulfonate formula-based lubricant that exceeds most open and outside gear lubrication requirements. SWEPCO 164 outperforms traditionally used asphalt-based products and provides superior long-lasting protection of gears and equipment. SWEPCO 164 Ultra EP Open Gear Lube…. Will not dry out or cake up like asphalt-based products. Provides unparalleled resistance to corrosion and water. Clings to metal surfaces and will not “sling-off”. Excellent extreme pressure properties… able to carry high loads over a wide [...]

SWEPCO Food Grade Oils

SWEPCO Food Grade Oils

SWEPCO Food Grade Oils SWEPCO Food Grade Oils are used in an increasing number of locations with excellent results. SWEPCO has USDA/NFS H-1 registered and Canada Health compliant Food Grade Compressor (SWEPCO 750), Hydraulic (SWEPCO 755), and Gear (SWEPCO 757) oils available for use in food processing facilities and other applications. These are fully synthetic fluids designed for use in areas where the product may have incidental contact with food. SWEPCO 750 Premium Food Grade Compressor Oil SWEPCO 750 has superior anti-wear, [...]



L.E.T.S. Acronyms are everywhere and are part of everyday life. L.E.T.S. is a very important acronym in the world of lubrication, as it describes the critical information needed to make a product recommendation for that application. LOAD; What are the load requirements? Is the load constant or is shock loading involved? Is the load light or heavy? This information is vital to the long-term performance of the recommended product. ENVIRONMENT; Is the equipment in a clean dust free environment or outside? Is the application [...]