113 Moly Fluid Grease

113 Moly Fluid Grease

113 Moly Fluid Grease

SWEPCO 113 Moly Fluid Grease is a versatile grease that brings the benefits of Moly and the water resistance of a calcium-based grease. It combines the excellent lubrication characteristics of SWEPCO’s calcium based fluid grease with the unsurpassed protection of Moly… Molybdenum Disulfide. Fluid grease users can now get the many cost-saving antifriction benefits of Moly in a grease formulated for their unique applications.

This unique grease has superior extreme pressure and anti-wear characteristics in addition to all of the performance advantages of a calciumbased grease…in severe service applications, it provides a margin of safety unsurpassed by other fluid greases. These benefits mean lower overall lubrication costs, greater load handling capability, less maintenance and fewer equipment failures.


  • Superior corrosion and rust resistance. Will not corrode yellow metals such as Brass and Bronze.
  • Can withstand 500,000 pounds of pressure.
  • Molybdenum Disulfide plates out on metal surfaces to provide extra wear protection.
  • Ideal for high speed and centrifugal applications.
  • Passive extreme pressure agents work at all temperatures.
  • Resists oxidation and thermal breakdown for extended life.
  • Wide variety of applications.
  • Optimum operating temperature range -25°F to 250°F (-32°C to 120°C)





Lawn equipment (gearbox)

Wire Rope

Track Rollers


Drive Chains

SWEPCO 113 Moly Fluid Grease:

  • Superior resistance to water washout
  • Clings & penetrates to reduce wear
  • Excellent all-temperature pumpability & performance
  • Exceptional versatility

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Only available in a NLGI #00, not available in tubes.
“Keep it running…!”

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