210 Multi-Grade Gear Lube

Swepco 210 Multi-Grade Gear Lube

210 Multi-Grade Gear Lube

Swepco 210 Multi-Grade Gear Lube is a state -of-the-art mineral oil-based fluid formulated to outperform standard gear oils in mobile and stationary gearboxes, differentials, transfer cases, and transmissions.

SWEPCO 210 Multi-Grade Gear Lube is a  high performance gear oil formulated to deliver superior, all-weather performance.

Whether the application calls for protection of mobile or stationary gearboxes in hot or cold temperatures, superior base stock blends, proprietary Lubium® II antioxidation/ anti-corrosion package and other advanced additive chemistry insure extended drain protection from wear, foaming, overheating, deposits, rust and water contamination.

Advantages of Swepco 210 Multi-Grade Gear Lube:

  • Meets or exceeds API GL-5 and MT-1, SAE J2360 automotive gear oil specifications.
  • Meets or exceeds CLP DIN 151517 Parts I, II, and III, AIST 224, ISO 12925-1, American Gear Manufactures Association 9005, MIL-PRF-2105E and several OEM specifications.
  • Wide operating temperature range -28°C (-18°F) to 176°C (350°F).
  • Yellow metal friendly, can be safely used with bronze, brass, and other copper alloys that are found in shifters, synchronizers, worm gears, and bearings.
  • Reduces channeling in cold weather start-up conditions with full fluid film protection.
  • Rapidly separates water and air to control foaming, contamination, and overheating.
  • Extends fluid life two to three times, reducing labor and disposal costs.
  • Helps extend equipment life by protecting metal surfaces during start-up, heavy and shock load conditions.
  • Protects against deposits, varnish, corrosion, rust, and sludge.
  • Contains a Limited Slip Differential additive for differentials and transfer cases.
  • Passes FZG A/8 gear test above stage 14 (the current highest stage achievable).
  • Compatible with most seals, hoses and elastomeric materials.
  • Has a low viscosity when cold and thickens to a SAE 140 grade oil above 40°C (104°F) to cover the ISO 320, 460, and 680 ranges.


SWEPCO 204 ALL TEMPERATURE SYNTHETIC GEARBOX LUBE6 Gearbox Swepco 210 Multi-Grade Gear Lube Worm gears
SWEPCO 212 Moly-XP Multi-Grade Gear Lube Differentials Swepco 210 Multi-Grade Gear Lube Transmissions

If you want to insure maximum performance and gear box life in all-climate service, choose SWEPCO 210.

For more information and advise for your applications, please contact us.

“To keep it running…!”

Source: SWEPCO®

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