SWEPCO 503 Premium Gasoline Improver

SWEPCO 503 Premium Gasoline Improver

SWEPCO 503 Premium Gasoline Improver

SWEPCO 503 Premium Gasoline Improver

As the price of gasoline continues to rise, people will be looking for ways to improve their gas mileage and reduce their maintenance costs. The quality of gasoline is going to vary with supplier, depending upon the source and quantity of additives used.

By law all gasoline has to contain a minimum amount of detergent additives, however this level will barely keep a new engine clean under ideal conditions. A poor-quality fuel can cause pump wear, sludge and varnish to build up on fuel system components, clogged fuel injectors, etc. All of which will lead to poor performance, misfires, stalling and engine failure.

Most of the gasoline sold in the USA contains ethanol to increase oxygen and octane levels. However, ethanol has lower BTU’s which reduces power and gas mileage. Ethanol also attracts water which can cause corrosion, poor combustion, oxidation, and shorten fuel storage life. If water exceeds 1% then a phenomenon called “Phase Inversion” can occur, where the ethanol and water separate from the gasoline in a tank. If the water / ethanol blend is deep enough to where it reaches the fuel intake sump for the fuel pump, it will shut down an engine.

SWEPCO 503 Premium Gasoline Improver is designed to help eliminated these issues. Some of the benefits include:

  • Contains an EPA approved Octane booster that with increase the Octane by one point, which helps in more complete combustion and mileage
  • Protects against harmful deposits and corrosion
  • Cleans carbon, varnish, gum, and sludge from injectors and the fuel system
  • Helps prevent “Phase Inversion” and prevents water from accumulating
  • Works in gasoline, gasoline / alcohol blends, and synthetic fuels
  • Keeps fuel fresh for longer periods of time to improve storage stability
  • Helps prevent pre-ignition, knock, and pinging
  • Easy to use, just add to bulk or on-board tanks prior to adding fuel
  • Will not harm exhaust treatment systems and catalytic converters

Source: SWEPCO®

On a side note:

When using SWEPCO 503 in a passenger car, fairly common :

  • City traffic : 2-3 mpg improvement
  • Highway: up to 5 mpg improvement

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