About Alemite

Since 1918, Alemite has been supplying quality lubrication systems and equipment to meet the needs of numerous industries. With a commitment to provide innovative products that meet the highest quality standards, Alemite has achieved an international reputation as a leader in designing and manufacturing cost-effective lubrication and fluid handling systems.

As one of the most established fluid handling suppliers in the world, we pride ourselves on having one of the most knowledgeable service and support departments in the industry. Our highly trained technical representatives are always prepared to answer your questions and our international distributor network provides prompt and efficient delivery.


  • Grease Guns
    Alemite Grease Guns are built to perform in demanding applications. Unique, innovative designs ensure excellent performance, and strong attention to quality production provides maximum durability. With the most outstanding range of products offered, Alemite Grease Guns and Accessories will maximize your lubrication productivity.
  • Pumps
    Alemite offers a selection of pumps to meet your fluid handling and dispensing needs. Each pump is designed to deliver reliable, consistent performance to keep your operation running smoothly.
  • Diesel Pumps and Diesel Exhaust Fluid Systems and Reels
    Alemite now offers both a Diesel Fuel Transfer Pump for both mobile and stationary applications and a Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) Dispensing System for shops servicing heavy-duty diesel vehicles. Engineered for efficiency and reliability, Alemite’s Diesel Fuel Transfer Pump and DEF pump systems and reels provide superior performance and long service life at an affordable price.
  • Reels
    Alemite reels are the standard for quality and durability in the lubrication industry. High attention to detail in material selection, construction and testing ensure that Alemite reels perform well – every time – providing a key component in a safe and efficient operation.
  • Control Valves and Meters
    Alemite Control Valves and Meters offer consistent, reliable and accurate dispensing of fluids. Each item offers a proven, ergonomic design for simple and comfortable use. They can be used to dispense oil, grease, automatic transmission fluid, and other petroleum based products.
  • Industrial Fittings
    As the inventor of the zerk fitting, Alemite is a recognized global leader in supplying fittings for automotive and industrial use. Alemite fittings conform to SAE J534 standards for automotive OEM use, and Alemite’s manufacturing is TS/ISO 16949 certified.
  • Aerospace Fittings
    Aerospace and military applications require absolute reliability, durability and performance. Alemite AS Fittings meet the very stringent requirements of SAE AS 35411 standards, including complete documentation and traceability certified from raw materials through production.
  • Fluid Management Systems
    Alemite Fluid Management Systems provide flexible, cost effective options for small to large installations. The new Alemite FCS is easy to install and operate for smaller operations. Each system offers the capability to improve your dispensing and inventory management.
  • Fluid Handling Equipment
    Constructed of high grade materials, Alemite Fluid Handling Equipment provides efficient, cost effective solutions to remove and store used fluids, and to dispense fresh oil. Their safe and dependable operation contribute to a clean, efficient operating environment.
  • Compressed Air Components
    Pneumatic equipment requires a clean, controlled air supply to work at the highest efficiency. Alemite Compressed Air Components help ensure that your Alemite lubrication systems operate at a high standard, with minimal down time for repair due to poor air quality.
  • Centralized Lubrication
    Alemite Centralized Lubrication equipment provides worry free reliability for heavy equipment and industrial lubrication, ensuring maximum up time. Flexible to meet your specific need, Alemite Centralized Lubrication equipment offers cost effective lubrication with minimal staff time requirement.
  • Single Point Lubricators
    Alemite Single Point Lubricators provide reliable lubrication for single points requiring constant lubrication. Available in grease or oil models, Alemite Single Point Lubricators are self contained and adjustable, and are especially useful for remote or difficult to access lubrication points.
  • Lubrication Accessories.
    Alemite Lubrication Accessories provide safe and efficient options to improve ease of use, workplace safety, and productivity.

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