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Zonex-K Industrial Cleaner2

Zonex-K Biodegradable Industrial Cleaner

Zonex-K Biodegradable Industrial Cleaner is a green colored, non-abrasive, heavy duty industrial cleaner. When mixed with water it forms a powerful all-purpose cleaning solution that removes dirt, grease, grime, and floor wax. It will not steak, separate, or build up on surfaces. Advantages: Safe to use on any surface that will not be harmed by water. Economical to use, 1-part Zonex-K to 128 parts water, 1 ounce per gallon of water or 7.5ml per liter of water will clean most applications. 1 gallon [...]

Wet Brake Systems

Wet Brake Systems

Construction equipment, farm equipment, forklifts, heavy duty trucks, and mining equipment have been utilizing wet brake systems for years. Wet brakes are a system where the braking surfaces are operated, lubricated, and cooled with oil. The advantages of this system are the brakes are not exposed to dirt, water, or other contaminates, they are cooled during braking operations to prevent warping and are lubricated to reduce wear. If well maintained and not damaged, they can last the life of [...]

Proper Bearing Storage


SWEPCO 757 Premium Food Grade Gear & Bearing Oil is a fully synthetic gear and bearing lubricant formulated for use in food processing facilities and areas where incidental contact with food may occur. Today’s food processing plants are under enormous pressures to keep production at high levels. Heavily loaded equipment, running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, needs superior lubrication to prevent unwanted and expensive downtime. But food & beverage processing plants must also deal with safety issues. Contamination [...]

Oil Filters

The primary function of oil filters are to trap and remove contaminates and particulates, so they are not carried to the bearings and other surfaces and orifices with close tolerances. Proper installation and maintenance are required for the filter to work as designed. In hydraulic, circulating, and large compressors systems cartage type filters are commonly used prior to a pump or in a kidney loop to filter the oil. Filters may be built into the system or made portable to [...]



SWEPCO 164 Ultra EP Open Gear Lube is an advanced over based calcium sulfonate complex grease that provides superior load carrying capacity. Ideal for use on a wide range of open gear applications. … Unexcelled performance in open gear lubrication SWEPCO 164 Ultra EP Open Gear Lube has been specifically formulated to meet the unique challenges of lubricating a wide range of exposed gears, including swing gears on cranes, ring gears on rotary kilns, gearing on draglines and in quarries, foundries [...]

Air compressor

Air Compressor Maintenance

Air compressors do more than provide air for the low tire on your car. They are a major piece of equipment in most manufacturing, processing, and production facilities. You will find them in repair shops, farms, and dentist offices just to name a few. All of them need routine maintenance to keep them in top working order. Air compressor maintenance is essential for your daily operations. Air Compressor Maintenance First, check the owner’s manual, there you will find a list of [...]


Care and Maintenance of Hydraulic Systems

Care and Maintenance of Hydraulic Systems is essential. You see or are affected by hydraulic systems all the time. Most construction and farm equipment use hydraulics. Many buildings 4 stories or less use hydraulic elevators. Hydraulic cranes, lifts, and tow trucks all use hydraulics. This list quite long and they all use the same common parts: A reservoir or sump to supply fluid for the system, cooling and deairing of the return fluid. Pumps of various types to supply pressure for [...]

Energy Star® Partner

SWEPCO Energy Star Program

SWEPCO Energy Star Program Many customers in the U.S.A. are familiar with the Department of Energy (DOE) Energy Star Rating program. You will see it on any new Television, Appliance, and Air Conditioning system available for sale. It is a guide for expected electricity and energy usage over the life of the product. But also in Europe the Energy Star® logo shows up more and more on all kind of equipment, like printers, computers, etc. A key component to determining the [...]

113 Moly Fluid Grease

113 Moly Fluid Grease

SWEPCO 113 Moly Fluid Grease is a versatile grease that brings the benefits of Moly and the water resistance of a calcium-based grease. It combines the excellent lubrication characteristics of SWEPCO’s calcium based fluid grease with the unsurpassed protection of Moly… Molybdenum Disulfide. Fluid grease users can now get the many cost-saving antifriction benefits of Moly in a grease formulated for their unique applications. This unique grease has superior extreme pressure and anti-wear characteristics in addition to all of the performance [...]

Energy Star

SWEPCO 708 Industrial/Turbine Oil

SWEPCO 708 Premium R&O Industrial/Turbine Oil with Syntheon™ is a premium quality, extended service, multifunctional oil blend designed to provide superior rust and oxidation protection. Advantages: Blended with Syntheon™ for wider operating range and extended service. Long oxidative life, typically over 8000 hours of service life. Resists sludge, varnish, and carbon build up or formation. Helps reduce energy usage by as much as 13% in independent tests. Superior rust resistance readily replaces water on metal surfaces. Rapidly separates water for easy removal. Excellent foam control readily releases trapped [...]