Autoservice Koen Exclusief

Autoservice Koen Exclusief

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  • 11 November 2016
Project Description

    Koen Exclusief has a rich experience with exclusive cars. In addition to the specialty in Porsche, they take care of the maintenance of each exclusive car with the attention and perfection that your car deserves.


    In recent years, with various brands of cars it is becoming more common that the automatic transmission stammers and starts banging, with adverse consequences regarding the ride comfort. Especially in relatively new cars the driver may expect that the switching is very smooth, especially if you are driving a luxury car like Audi, Aston Martin, BMW, Mercedes or Porsche, but of course also in “normal” cars that Autoservice Koen Exclusief also services.


    In 2010, Frank Kleijn visited Autoservice Koen Exclusief in Heteren and suggested to use in less smooth shifting automatic transmissions SWEPCO 714 Hydraulic Transmission Fluid SAE-20. In this way, one could experience in practice that a high-performance lubricant will provide more protection than the transmission oil used to date.


    • After using SWEPCO 714 in several problem cars, the choppy and thumping switching was not the case anymore, which of course produces satisfied customers, since they could easily avoid relatively expensive overhaul.

    In recent years we had several “problem” cars of various makes with respect to the automatic transmission. Once replaced the ATF, sometimes once extra for flushing for the ATF that stays in the torque converter, then fill again with SWEPCO 714 and the switch is again above expectations.
    By using SWEPCO 714 we have been positively surprised many customers see leave the shop! – Mr. William Koen, Owner.

    Southwestern Petroleum Corporation would like to thank Autoservice Koen Exclusief Heteren, a SWEPCO Customer since 2010, for this information which is based upon actual Customer experience as of 2010. Results in other applications may vary. Always consult OEM specifications for proper lubricant selection.