Avema Wegenbouw B.V. Achterveld

Avema Wegenbouw B.V. Achterveld

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  • 11 November 2016
Project Description

    Avema is a road construction company in Achterveld. The company was founded in 1994 and specializes in the construction of asphalt pavements. They have modern equipment with which all existing asphalt works can be carried out.

    Avema provides asphalt paving for industrial, agricultural fields, parks, private land and public projects.


    Avema Wegenbouw B.V. Achterveld They first used greases,, engine- and gearbox oil from Mobil, which did not meet their requirements. The oil from the crankcase and the gearbox was often completely black and the grease on the bar of the asphalt remained not properly in place.


    In December 2008, Frank Klein suggested to use SWEPCO 101 Moly Grease for the bar to the asphalt paving machines, the final drive, the gear and transfer case to provide SWEPCO 201 Multi-Purpose Gear Lube. and SWEPCO 306 Supreme Formula Engine Oil 15W-40. The grease will sit better in place and service life of the oil will be longer than previously experienced. Furthermore, the machines will run smoother and less smoke will be noticed. Oil consumption will decrease, a.o. because the oil will be less hot. In addition, by making use of Labtec oil analysis using a good image will be given of the quality of the oil and any wear is observed at an early stage.


    • With SWEPCO 306 Engine Oil, the engine oil consumption is more than 75% down from what they were previously accustomed to.
    • Machine runs quieter and smoother than ever before;
    • The grease remains much better, assuring the equipment is better protected and also grease consumption has decreased quite a bit.
    • The drain interval of the oil in the gearbox, transfer case and final drive is at least twice longer, wear parts is also less.
    • Through the analysis, the oil drain intervals are doubled and we get timely a warning if there be should something be wrong. Thus, they were warned against some premature wear already in an early stage on a final drive.

    “We used MOBIL lubricants already for years and could not imagine that other greases and oils would make much of a difference. Practice shows that this is the case with SWEPCO and we are very pleased with their products and the services delivered. ” Mr. Harry van der Ham, President & Wouter Hoekstra, Head of Technical Services.

    Avema Wegenbouw B.V. in Achterveld Amsterdam has been using SWEPCO lubricants since 2008.