Beverloo Suspension Service Center

Beverloo Suspension Service Center

Project Description
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  • 9 April 2020
COMPANY Beverloo Suspension Service Center is an absolute specialist when it comes to overhauling heavily loaded suspension of bicycles, such as the shock absorbers of mountain bikes.
CHALLENGE They were looking for a lubricating grease that is sticky and smooth and that does not affect both the sliding bar coating and the rubbers.

Furthermore, people were looking for an oil that would allow the forks to move back into position much more smoothly, even after hard blows that they had to absorb. In particular, this should not be jerky and no foaming should occur.

SOLUTION In January 2019, Frank Kleijn proposed to use SWEPCO 121 Tri-Plex Universal Grease for the lubrication of the o-rings at the damper and fork overhaul.

Furthermore, the advice was given to use SWEPCO 704 Synthetic AW Hydraulic Oil ISO-22, ISO-32 and ISO-46 and not to use a Multi-Grade oil for this application. This would be too viscous for this application

SWEPCO 706 AW EP Gear & Bearing Oil ISO-100 is used for lubrication of dust rings and residual lubrication for lower legs

Zonex-K Industrial Cleaner is also used. This powerful cleaner has no negative influence on the aluminum.

RESULTS The results that one also receives from their relations are:

  • Long-term lubrication of the main seals, grease stays where it belongs. initially it feels stiffer, but better adhesion makes sliding easier.
  • With open cartridge systems, virtually no foam formation and better damping
  • Sustainability: difficult to determine, indicatively good, so far no complaints related to lubrication or. oil .
  • Zonex-K, more economical to use than assumed, very good result, no influence on coatings, not even on rubber. They had to test what dosage would apply to them.
REMARK “Extensive testing and feedback from clients confirm that we have also made a good choice for them to start using SWEPCO products. We strive to deliver the best quality to our customers and these products certainly make a positive contribution to this ”- Mr. Ramon Beverloo, Co-owner Maintenance.

Southwestern Petroleum Corporation thanks Beverloo Suspension Service Center, a SWEPCO relationship since January 2019, and Field Service Representative Frank Kleijn for this information, which is based on actual Customer experiences from 2019.

Results in other applications may vary. Always consult OEM specifications for the correct lubricant selection.