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Project Description
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  • 9 April 2020
COMPANY Custom Offroad makes and delivers solutions that are tailored to the wishes of the customer. To achieve this, parts and / or accessories that  are made are “custom made”. This means that every customer receives a unique product, specially intended for his or her car. The projects that Custom Offroad realizes are very varied, it can be about (winch) bumpers, sidebars and roll cages, but also for example complete suspension systems, tube, chassis, etc. Almost anything is possible in consultation.
CHALLENGE Mr. Ard van Meer, owner of Custom Offroad, was looking for a better lubricating grease to better protect CV joints and wheel bearings that are exposed to contamination of watery mud and / or oil from the axe tube when the seal leaks. The competition riders mainly use reinforced cv joints of around € 300 each.

He was also looking for a better quality oil for the power steering.If the pump would break due to the wrong oil, for example, this easily costs € 450 for a new pump. Besides that, if one of it breaks down during a race it is costing them a lot of points and at some races also prize money! These are their biggest concerns..

SOLUTION Since 2017 they have been testing with SWEPCO 105 High Impact Plus Grease NLGI # 2 and with SWEPCO 715 Power-Steering-Hydraulic-Oil.
  • He has asked the American manufacturer of the reinforced joints which standard grease they use in their joints. It turned out that Swepco 105 High Impact Plus Grease is an even better and higher quality grease than the ones they used to fill new CV joints. Swepco 105 High Impact Plus Grease is a strong and long-lasting grease, which means that it can, in the first place, bear a higher load without being squeezed away. It is also not diluted by the mixing of aqueous mud or differential oil, so that the gaskets will be longer provided of good lubrication. As a result, the wear is a lot less quickly and / or get broken. This results in less damage during events and 4×4 competitions and therefore no loss of points, but also lower repair costs in the longer term.
  • They only use Swepco 715 Power Steering Hydraulic Oil for the full hydro stations that they sell or build themselves. The American manufacturer of these full hydro steering systems emphasizes that a non-synthetic steering oil or an ATF suitable for power steering systems is not suitable. A high-quality fully synthetic power steering oil must be used. Swepco 715 was the first to be listed as one of the two recommended oils. Since using Custom Offroad Swepco 715, people have not had any problems with the various hydraulic steering system components to date.
REMARK “”In the tough off-road conditions during various competitions, the various components of the drive are often exposed to water, mud, sand, high loads due to large tires and high engine power, peak loads, etc. It is important that the lubricating grease cannot be mixed and / or het flushed and that the mutual pressure of metal to metal parts is not pushed away so that a good lubrication of CV joints, bearings and universal joints is maintained. This results in fewer dropouts during competitions with a greater chance of winning. Maintenance in between matches also becomes simpler and faster and cheaper because you have to check and / or replace fewer parts. Just a visual check and relubrication is sufficient. Wear is significantly less. “- Ard van Meer, Owner.

Southwestern Petroleum Corporation would like to thank Custom Offroad in Hapert, a SWEPCO Customer since 2017, and Field Service Representative Frank Kleijn for this information which is based upon actual Customer experience as of 2017.

Results in other applications may vary. Always consult OEM specifications for proper lubricant selection.