EverZinc Belgium (Zolder)

EverZinc Belgium (Zolder)

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  • 11 November 2016
Project Description

    EverZinc Belgium (Zolder) (formerly SA Umicore Zinc Alloying) is the leading recycler of galvanizing residues in the world. Their plant in Heusden-Zolder, Belgium, has the capacity to process 30,000 metric tons of sintered zinc oxide which is used in their sister plant in Eijsden, The Netherlands, for production of high purity zinc oxide for animal feed products.


    The sintering process requires galvanizing residues to be processed in a rotary calcinating furnace at temperatures of 500°C. An elevator moves 80kg trays of the residue through the furnace. The bronze bushings that support the axles of the elevator had to be replaced every six months due to inadequate lubrication and excessive wear. Part and downtime cost were a concern.


    SWEPCO Field Service Representative Frank Kleijn recommended they switch to SWEPCO 115 Food Machinery Grease due to its superior thermal stability and excellent wear control.


    After the switch to SWEPCO, the following results were reported:

    • The bronze bushings were replaced on a preventive basis after 5.5
      years, as the chain had to be replaced and the replacement of the
      bushings could easily be done at the same time;
    • Wear is reduced by more than 90%. Exact decrease of wear is not
      determined, since they have been replaced preventively;
    • Lubricant consumption has been reduced by more than 70%;
    • Oxidized grease in the free space around buses is no longer a
    • Annual savings of more than €2.500 in parts and downtime.
    • Since 2017, SWEPCO 222 Sprayable EP Open Gear Lube has also
      been used for better protection of open gears. The first results are
      more than positive.

    “Over the years we have tried to use various greases for this purpose, but always with a more or less similar picture. Since we use SWEPCO 115 Food Machinery Grease wear is definitely 90% less (compared to worn out after ½ year and now after 5,5 years, although the bushings were still in good condition, preventively replaced together with other maintenance jobs), the grease consumption is considerably reduced, as well as downtime due to repair work. This all adds considerably to the desired reduction in maintenance costs and the reliability of the installation. We are very satisfied and are more than pleasantly surprised by SWEPCO 115.”– R. Belemans, Maintenance engineer, Planner
    EverZinc Belgium (Zolder) has been using SWEPCO lubricants since 2012 .