Goodyear Nederland B.V. Tilburg

Goodyear Nederland B.V. Tilburg

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  • 12 October 2016
Project Description

    Goodyear Nederland B.V. Tilburg is a World class brand when it comes to tires. At Goodyear Nederland B.V. Tilburg a lot of airplane tires are getting a new life. At this location of Goodyear the running profle of the airplane tires are renewed in a very smart way.


    One used to have Shell Tellus 46, Shell Stamina RL, Shell Retinax EP-2 and Shell Alavania. At the machine where Shell Stamina, described as a high temperature grease, was used, it started drizzling out of the machine at already 160°C (320°F), which delivered them a lot of cleaning of the machines and relubrication is often needed. The hydraulic oil is getting rather hot (84°C / 183°F) and this one runs out at another machine via the cilinder walls. With Shell Retinax the machine is leaking oil.


    In juli 2008 Frank Kleijn proposed to replace Shell Stamina by SWEPCO 121 Tri-Plex Universal Grease. Also two identical machines that also do the exact same job were selected, one with Shell Tellus 46, the other one with SWEPCO 703 Multi-Grade Hydraulic Oil.


    • With SWEPCO 121 no drizzling of the grease anymore;
    • Oil temperature with SWEPCO 703 compared to Shell Tellus has been drastically lowered: cool pipe from 84°C to 70°C, press pipe from 39°C to 34°C, oil reservoir from 36°C to 33°C;
    • Final test was replacing Shell Retinax also with SWEPCO 101. Oil leakage via cylinder walls is not applicable anymore;
    • Also unevenness are corrected and it looks like the cylinders are polished in stead of dingy they were before.
    • Last changes made is they now also changed Shell Omala 220 to SWEPCO 210 Multi-Grade gear Lube and they use some SWEPCO 910 Soluble Oil. Also some pieces of equipment using Shell Tellus 32 and 68 are also replace buy SWEPCO 703 Multi-Grade Hydraulic Oil.

    “We were interested if the drizzling of the grease the high oil temperature as well as the oil leakage could be tackled with different lubricants. Step by step we have replaced the lubes of several machines with SWEPCO 121 and SWEPCO 703. The results are well beyond expectations. Besides that we have the easiness of only one grease to be used for all applications. This prevents using the wrong grease and stock control is as well a bit easier..” – Mr. M. Brekelmans, Maintenance Engineer.

    Goodyear Nederland B.V. (Aviation Tires) in Tilburg has been using SWEPCO lubricants since 2008.