Jansma Wegen En Milieu B.V. Drachten

Jansma Wegen En Milieu B.V. Drachten

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  • 11 November 2016
Project Description

    Jansma Wegen en Milieu, located in Drachten, is specialised in all occurring ground-, road- and waterway Construction works and environmental activities.
    The company found its origin in the middle of 1920 in the grounds and sand trade.
    In the course of years it has developed into a very multi-purpose and modern venture with approx. 100 fixed, well motivated and trained profession people..
    To anticipate on the notion that the environment is essential for the future, Jansma have specialised themselves, beside the grounds, and water construction, also on the field of environment technique. The work area, in which different disciplines find their implementation, is wide and covers the whole northern part of The Nederlands.


    They use a rolling mill with a Deutz TCD2012 L06 engine, which had an undesirably high oil onsumption. Investing what caused this did not bring up any result. The rolling mill consumed one litre by 60 hours with Kroon oil.


    In January 2008 Frank Kleijn suggested to use SWEPCO 306 Supreme Formula Engine Oil 15W-40 for the rolling mill to reduce the usage considerably. After changing oil the usage of the rolling mill has been incredibly decreased to less than one liter per 250 hours. also a tractor has been transferred on SWEPCO 306 Supreme Formula Engine Oil 15W-40 with similar results.



    “We used already 44 years Kroon oil and could not imagine that another engine oil could drastically reduce the oil consumption. We wanted with these machines, as the oil usage was considerably, to see by experience what the difference would be. The result is above expectation. By means of this test appears clear that there are large gain advantages with a better oil. These machines will continue use in the future thus SWEPCO 306 engine oil. Also SWEPCO 105 proves to be beneficial and because of problems with my hands I now use Pro-Scrub since 2010. No more problems with my hands anymore. ”- Mr. D. Lap, Head Maintenance Department.

    Jansma Wegen en Milieu B.V. in Drachten has been using SWEPCO lubricants since 2008.