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  • 11 November 2016
Project Description

    The Kloosterboer Group is a financially strong and independent family business that was established in 1925. With over 3 million cubic metres cold storage capacity, Kloosterboer is one of the leading logistic providers for temperature-controlled goods in Western Europe.


    Kloosterboer has a fully automatic freezing storage with temperatures at minus 25°C. At the Maasvlakte site one of the main stored products are from Farm Frites.

    The challenge they had was to start using a lubricant that can be applied in this temperature top reserve the chains from wear and make the system run more energy efficient?

    They were using a BelRay EP-1 Food Grade Grease, but this didn’t penetrate well and was very hard to apply in this surrounding. This was costing them a lot of downtime as well.


    In 2011 Frank Kleijn proposed to replace the BelRay Food Grade Grease with SWEPCO 755 Premium Food Grade Hydraulic Oil ISO 32. The chain would run much lighter with less energy consumption and the oil would better petnetrate so the lifetime of the chain would be increased.
    With this temperature in the warehouse of -25°C the viscosity of SWEPCO 755 ISO 32 goes from ISO 32 at 40°C to ISO 460. It is getting more tacky because of this, but still penetrates very good.


    • After using SWEPCO 755 the chain rollers run more smoothly;
    • Energy savings are at least more than 5%;
    • Time servicing the chain is reduced by more than 50%, because of easy applying the oil to the chain.
    • Besides SWEPCO 755 ISO-32 Kloosterboer also use SWEPCO 755 ISO-68 at around 10°C at the distribution area, SWEPCO 105 HI Plus Grease and SWEPCO 703 Multi-Grade Hydraulic Oil.

    “Initially we were very skeptical of start using an oil. By good foundation from SWEPCO Head Office who were consulted by Frank and clear explanation we would give it a shot. It is one of the best decisions made, resulting in reducing a substantial amount of downtime, maintenance hours and annoyance by the maintenance engineers!” – Dhr. Marcel de Vetten, maintenance Manager.

    Kloosterboer Maasvlakte (Rotterdam) has been using SWEPCO lubricants since 2011.