Waalgarage Broek in Waterland

Waalgarage Broek in Waterland

Project Description
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  • 26 January 2019
COMPANY The history of Waalgarage starts in the days when earlier models of Porsche were not that old.

You like your Porsche? Then you also love the forty years of experience that Waalgarage Porsche Service has. After all, knowledge and experience are absolute requirements for the maintenance of your Porsche.

CHALLENGE It is a well-known phenomenon of several Porsches that switching with some gearboxes is a little more difficult than desirable. Over the years, the wear and tear on the synchromesh and a necessary gearbox overhaul is a costly affair.
SOLUTION In May 2007 it was decided to try out a number of “problem boxes” whether SWEPCO 201 80W-90 could reduce the “comfort complaints” or even eliminate them altogether. Practice is the only way to experience if a higher quality lubricant compared to the standard used oil at Porsches improves shifting.
  • Several classic Porsche are equipped with SWEPCO 201 80W-90 and the shifting is considerably simpler with the first treated Porsche 911 and then a Porsche 993 from 1996.
  • After these experiences, SWEPCO 210 Multi-Grade has also been used in newer cars that are used all year round. This oil is slightly more fluid if the outdoor temperature drops below 10°C.
  • In addition to SWEPCO 201 80W-90 and SWEPCO 210, Waalgarage also uses SWEPCO 714 Automatic Transmission Fluid, for example for Cayennes and Tiptronics;
  • From October 2016, the latest gearbox oil SWEPCO 202 MolyXP 75W-90 is used to get even better results than with SWEPCO 210 Multi-Grade. SWEPCO 201 80W-90 remains in use for the classics and Youngtimers. Since 2016 they also now use SWEPCO 712 Heavy Duty Multi-service ATF.
REMARK In the past 40 years, we have taken care of various difficult shifting gearboxes in our company and until 2007 the idea of replacing synchromesh rings or a complete overhaul was the only way to get these Porsches going again. To a certain extent, the SWEPCO products offer so much improvement that they can again shift to acceptable levels for a number of years. By using Swepco we have already seen many positively surprised customers leave the shop! – Mr. Martijn Bakker, Owner.

Southwestern Petroleum Corporation would like to thank Waalgarage in Broek in Waterland, a SWEPCO Customer since 2007, for this information which is based upon actual Customer experience as of 2007.

Results in other applications may vary. Always consult OEM specifications for proper lubricant selection.