Choosing the right hydraulic fluid

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Choosing the right hydraulic fluid

A bit of history:

Engine oils have been used in a variety of applications mainly since they are available almost everywhere in the world and fit the old belief that “oil is oil” that will work at least for a while. Engine oils are designed for use in engines and may not be the best choice for other applications. Engine oils have very poor water separation and tend to emulsify water which leads to rust, wear, high operating temperatures due to metal to metal contact, and eventual failure. The dispersants in engine oils will keep contaminates and wear particles in solution which will cause excessive wear in vane pumps, clog valves and fine orifices. Choosing the right hydraulic fluid is essential to keep your systems running.

Choosing the right hydraulic fluid

There are variety of oils available that include “hydraulic” in their name, purpose, or description. Among these are: Automatic Transmission Fluids (ATF), Tractor Hydraulic Fluids (THF’s), Hydrostatic Transmission Fluids (HTF), Anti-Wear Hydraulic Fluids (AWH), Rust and Oxidation Oils (R&O) and Zinc-Free Anti-Wear Fluids (ZFAWF). There are Multi-Grades available on certain oils as well.

  • Automatic Transmission Fluids are typically low in viscosity so they would not work well where an ISO 46 or heavier is required.
  • Tractor Hydraulic fluids are available in limited viscosities, usually ISO 32 or ISO 46 and have a lot of extra additives to handle use with wet brakes, gears and clutches along with the hydraulics found in modern agricultural equipment.
  • Hydrostatic Transmission Fluids are designed to use in grounds care, earthmoving, and other heavy equipment. They are available in a variety of viscosities and have extra additives to deal with wet brakes, clutches, and hydraulic systems.
  • Anti-Wear Hydraulic fluids come in a variety of viscosities and multi-grades that are formulated to work in modern hydraulic systems for extended periods of time. Some contain seal conditioners to help extend the life of seals and hoses. The choice between Zinc and non-Zinc formulations depends upon the equipment and local regulations.
  • Rust and Oxidation oils are great for circulating systems, turbines, and applications were the oil viscosity does most of the work. These oils will not prevent wear in high pressure systems.

The higher viscosity index of multi-grade oils helps to eliminate “afternoon fade” and have proven to improved productivity.

choosing the right hydraulic fluid from SWEPCO®

  • SWEPCO 704 is a Premium Synthetic Hydraulic fluid available in several viscosity grades. It offers seal conditioning, excellent anti-wear properties, long service (8000 hours plus with LOA) and has a UV sensitive dye for easy leak detection.
  • SWEPCO 703 is the 704 in a 10W30 Multi-grade with proven superior performance.
  • SWEPCO 702 is an anti-wear zinc free synthetic compressor oil that can be used in hydraulic systems that require Zinc free formulations.
  • SWEPCO 709 is a high performing Tractor Hydraulic Fluid that meets or exceeds most manufacturers requirements and specifications.
  • SWEPCO 512 is a hydraulic top treat formulated to be added to a sub-standard hydraulic oil to improve performance and extend the fluid life.

If you are interested in more information about choosing the right hydraulic fluid? Please contact us. For superior performance and extended equipment life look to SWEPCO!

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