Engine Oil Specifications Updates-2019

SWEPCO 502 Premium Engine Oil Improver

Engine Oil Specifications Updates-2019

There is still some confusion and lack of information about which engine oil to use these days and limitations from the OEM’s.

Let’s review SWEPCO Engine Oil’s… Specifications they meet and where to be used:

  • SWEPCO 306 … Meets or exceeds API CI-4+ and SM (except for the 5W30 which only meets SL). SWEPCO 306 is recommended for off road diesel engines prior to 2010 and over the road engines prior to 2007. It can also be specified in gasoline engines requiring SL/M engine oils. SWEPCO 306 is ideal for legacy engines, classic automobiles, engines with flat tappets, and motorcycles.
  • SWEPCO 308 … Meets or exceeds API CJ-4/SN and is recommended for diesel engines and emission specifications from 2007 to 2016. SWEPCO 308 is backward compatible for older engines and can be used in gasoline engines requiring API SN oils.
  • SWEPCO 310…  Meets or exceeds API CK-4/SN and FA-4 specifications. SWEPCO 310 is recommended for 2017 and newer diesel engines and gasoline engines requiring API SN. SWEPCO 310 is backward compatible for many diesel and gasoline engines. The engines requiring API FA-4 oils emit fewer Green House Gases (GHG) such as Carbon Oxides and are considered earth friendly. FA-4 engines only use the SAE 5W30 and 10W30 viscosities.
    SWEPCO 303…  Meets or exceeds API SN Plus /GF-5+ specifications and has been recently upgraded to eliminate the Low Speed Pre-Ignition issues in direct fuel injected turbocharged gasoline powered vehicles. SWEPCO 303 can be used in any gasoline engine requiring API SN, SN Plus, and Dexos 1 Generation 2.


As of February, 2019, FORD is still having valve train and camshaft wear issues with CK-4 engine oils in many of their Power Stroke Diesel Engines. Ford is recommending using API CJ-4 engine oils (SWEPCO 308) in their 6.7L, 6.4L, 6.0L, 7.3L, and 3.2L Power Stroke Diesel Engines. Ford has introduced two new engines requiring API FA-4, SAE 5W30 and 10W30 engine oils (SWEPCO 310). These are the 3.0L and 1.5L Transit Power Stroke Diesel Engines.

DODGE vehicles using CUMMINS diesel engines are still recommending using CJ-4 oils (SWEPCO 308) in their equipment.

DETROIT DIESEL has introduced two new GHG Engines in 2017 that require the API FA-4 engine oils (SWEPCO 310).

European diesel engine manufacturers like MERCEDES BENZ, VOLVO, and BMW are currently recommending Dexos 2 for their automotive and light truck vehicles with 1L to 3L diesel engines.

Always be sure to check the owner’s manual for the correct viscosity and API category required. Most manuals will recommend different viscosities for ambient temperatures and operating conditions. Many vehicles will have a sticker or an imprinted oil cap indication for the engine oil viscosity recommended.

Some newer vehicles now require SAE 0W viscosity engine oils to deal with CAFÉ (Corporate Average Fuel Economy) minimums imposed by governmental regulations and to transverse smaller oilways and galleys in smaller engines. Many of these engines “burn” or use a quart of oil prior to the next oil change. All these changes are the result of The Clean Air Act, designed to reduce smog and pollution.

Source: SWEPCO®

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