Entire Alemite program

Entire Alemite program

You can contact us for the entire program of Alemite, from grease nipple to oil mist system.


Alemite offers a full line of top quality lubrication products and systems, designed to improve productivity and profitability. A limited selection of commonly used Alemite products can be found on our website. If you (still) do not find what you are looking for, please feel free to contact us. Through STRATSON the entire Alemite program is available, usually from stock.

Particularly appreciated by our clients include the Alemite ALE-596-C & Alemite ALE-596-D, Alemite’s 20V Li-ion battery grease gun with integrated grease meter, equipped with respectively one or two batteries, 90cm hose with hydraulic dispensing nipple and 1-hour charger .

Check “Alemite 20 Volt Lithium-ion Grease Gun” demo via deze link.

For detailed specifications, see the Alemite page or download here the brochure in PDF.

The complete alemite program you can find on www.alemite.com

Alemite ALE-500-E  Alemite ALE-F104Alemite ALE-555 Alemite ALE-595-C

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