Internal Combustion Engine

Internal Combustion Engine

Internal Combustion Engine

The future of the internal combustion engine (ICE)

There is a lot of speculation about what will become of the internal combustion engine that has served mankind for over a century. Concerns about climate change, pollution, energy and energy efficiency, resources, while preserving mobility, industry, and personal freedoms.

States such as California and several foreign countries have banned the sale of ICE after 2035 and are pushing total electric vehicles.

A recent IMLA (Independent Lubricant Manufacturers Association) townhall discussed a meeting between automotive engineers and oil refineries where a presentation showed that if the octane level of gasoline was raised to above 90 ROM and compression ratios were increased to work with the higher octane, the reduction in pollution would be equal to over 730,000 electric vehicles on the road, more than double the number of electric vehicles sold last year.

Reducing pollution and carbon footprint

Other concepts include mixing low carbon or zero carbon synthetic biofuels with gasoline and eventually replacing gasoline to reduce carbon dioxide and monoxide pollution. The use of hydrogen in ICE and fuel cells is currently under study and being testing in Europe and the USA.

New diesel engine designs and fuels are also showing promise in reducing pollution and carbon footprint.

The bottom line is that the Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) will still be around for a long time as a primary engine, a generator for hybrid vehicles, or a joint power source, all of which will still need lubricants.

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