Looking for Independent Sales Representatives


Looking for Independent Sales Representatives

Looking for Independent Sales Representatives

Texas based manufacturing company looking for Independent Field Service Representatives for Europe. SWEPCO is headquartered in Texas, serviced in Europe via STRATSON Logistics Europe in Tilburg, The Netherlands. If you or your company are experienced regarding lubricant related queries is a plus, but not strictly necessary. We have an extensive training program by which you will be prepared very well to represent SWEPCO and be able to advise customers how to improve their maintenance, resulting in significant cost savings.

Increased demand for our products throughout the EU requires our immediate expansion of Independent Field Service Representatives in especially the following countries:

  • Albania;
  • Andorra;
  • Austria;
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina;
  • Croatia;
  • Cyprus;
  • France;
  • Germany;
  • Greece;
  • Hungary;
  • Italy;
  • Kosovo;
  • Liechtenstein;
  • Macedonia;
  • Malta;
  • Moldova;
  • Monaco;
  • Montenegro;
  • San Marino;
  • Serbia;
  • Slovakia;
  • Switzerland;
  • Ukraine;

If you are living in another European country, please contact us if we also have opportunities in your country.

With ISO 9001 certified plant and over 85 years of experience as industry leaders – SWEPCO manufactures products of the highest quality by utilizing decades of research and development, advanced additive and base oil technology, cutting edge chemistry and manufacturing procedures.

We manufacture a unique line of:

  • Specialty Greases,
  • Gear Oils,
  • Engine Oils,
  • Transmission Fluids,
  • Fuel & Oil Improvers,
  • Compressor Oils and
  • Hydraulic Oils.

Our products are designed to help Customers in industrial markets reduce maintenance expenses.

Our key markets include Construction, Manufacturing, Mining, Drilling, Pulp and Paper, Timber / Logging, Transportation, Marine, Government, Food Processing, Bottling and Canning, Agriculture, and Forestry.

In addition to the industries mentioned above that we put the majority of our focus on, our product line also enjoys a strong following and first-class reputation in the automotive and motorcycle racing world. We sell to racing teams, high performance automotive shops, and car repair specialists to name a few.


  • Our sales professionals earn the highest commissions in our industry
  • Our sales program offers true independence from sales quotas, reports and collections
  • Our sales professionals enjoy the security and sales potential of a vast, diversified market
  • Competitive advantages include Extended Service Intervals, Reduced waste Oil Disposal Costs, Increased Service Uptime, Lower Repair Downtime, Reduced Hard Part Replacement, Longer Equipment Life, Lower Energy Consumption
  • We are the only Lubricant manufacture to obtain Energy Star® Partner  designation


  • 85% repeat business
  • Top sales reps earn well over €. 100.000
  • Average tenure of Business Development Specialist is over 20 years
  • Enjoy strong referrals from existing Customers such as Cargill, Goodyear, Boeing, Du Pont, Coca-Cola, Nestle, Volvo Trucks, Federal Express and thousands of others who demand quality


  • Proven track record of selling premium quality goods
  • Never give-up attitude
  • Ability to overcome resistance, objections and obstacles
  • Consultative approach to selling
  • Competitive nature and attitude
  • Ability to speak and write in English
  • Ability to travel to Texas for Advanced Training (we offer reimbursement based on performance)


  • We prefer successful business to business sales experience, maintenance or equipment experience in our key markets (industry, manufacturing, transportation, mining, marine, food and beverage, agriculture, forestry, government services)
  • Previous sales of or experience using industrial lubricants is a plus
  • Knowledge of equipment such as engines, gearboxes, compressors or hydraulics is a plus


Starting a new company or adding a completely new line of products to your company requires commitment, perseverance, empathy, thinking in solutions for our clients, ability to think outside the box as each customer has there own points for attention in the lubrication field. This is quite a lot to start with, besides the fact that your own company has to be set up, maybe even from scratch. This is one of the reasons why you are intensively guided by one of our Senior Representatives in Europe who has been an example of how this can be achieved. This will protect you from the various pitfalls that might otherwise cross your path. STRATSON fulfills the role of Regional Sales Representative Europe for new SWEPCO agents.


Due to the enormous growth in demand for the world’s highest quality lubricants to both lower maintenance costs and significantly reduce the carbon footprint, we are looking for Independent Sales Representatives. For more information about the organization and the possibilities to represent THE top brand lubricant manufacturer in the world, please contact STRATSON per e-mail: info@stratson.nl.

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If you want to apply for this challenging opportunity, please start with filling in the form at this webpage:


After receiving this we will come back to you within a few days.

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