New SWEPCO products in 2020


New SWEPCO products in 2020

New SWEPCO products in 2020

This month, SWEPCO has been in existence for 86 years, but we will continue, as a youngster, full of energy next year with the launch of various new products, product improvements and extensions. And some products are currently already available in Europe.

SWEPCO 130 Polyurea Grease:

SWEPCO 130 Polyurea Grease is a unique grease-free soap thickener for use in a wide range of applications. It is ideal for applications with high temperatures, high speeds and extreme pressure. Polyurea greases are highly recommended for use in electric motors and SWEPCO 130 is compatible with other polyurea-based electric motor greases.

Expected in Europe: February 2020

SWEPCO 165 MolyXP Universal Extreme Pressure Grease:

Wear of heavy loads can cause a wide range of problems. SWEPCO 165 MolyXP Universal Extreme Pressure Grease is a high-quality multi-service lubricant developed to provide unparalleled protection and sealing of a wide range of processes and equipment.

SWEPCO 165 NLGI-2 has been used successfully with our clients for several years.
Expansion with NLGI-1. Expected in Europe: February 2020

SWEPCO 204 Temperature Synthetic Gearbox Lube:

SWEPCO 204 All Temperature Synthetic Gearbox Lube is a fully synthetic industrial gearbox lubricant, designed to withstand extreme conditions, both at high and low operating temperatures. SWEPCO 204 is designed to deliver superior performance in industrial gearboxes with an advanced advanced performance package in SWEPCO’s Syntheon ™ base stock. SWEPCO 204 ISO-150 & ISO-220 already available.

Expansion with ISO-320. Expected in Europe: February or mid-2020

SWEPCO 710 Maximum Performance Synthetic ATF:

SWEPCO 710 Maximum Performance Synthetic ATF is a fully synthetic ATF (automatic transmission fluid) with Syntheon ™ and advanced additives technology. SWEPCO 710 has been developed for use in modern 6, 7 and 8-speed planetary automatic transmissions, a powerful formula. As you may expect from us it meets the strict requirements and requirements of GM Dexron® VI, JASO M315 and Allison C-4.

Already available in Europe.

SWEPCO 722 HiTemp Chain & Roller Lubricant

SWEPCO 722 HiTemp Chain & Roller Lubricant has been specially developed for clean, energy-efficient lubrication of roller chain assemblies in environments with high temperatures. This product has been successful for many years, the next step has been made by slightly adjusting it, without reducing the lubricating properties, making it also Food Grade (NSF H1) and biodegradable.

Already available in Europe.

SWEPCO 737 EcoPro HD Anti-Wear Hydraulic Oil:

When the project requires a biodegradable hydraulic fluid, SWEPCO 737 EcoPro Heavy-Duty Anti-Wear Hydraulic Oil delivers reliable performance that is superior to conventional biodegradable and high petroleum based liquids. This is achieved in areas such as longevity, high temperature resistance, lubrication, low temperature fluidity and wear check.

Already available in Europe. ISO-46
Expected in Europe: February or mid-2020: ISO-32 & ISO-68.

Other developments

In addition to the above-mentioned new products, further improved versions and more viscosities of various products will be launched. Among those there will be a new SWEPCO 750 Premium Food Grade Compressor Oil, SWEPCO 755 Premium Food Grade Hydraulic Oil & SWEPCO 757 Premium Food Grade Gear & Bearing Oil. It is expected they will all be available in Europe in the coming months.

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We wish you a happy New Year and a prosperous 2020!

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