Grease fitting protectors Beige Per 100

Grease fitting protectors Beige Per 100

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GREASE FITTING PROTECTORS™ is another new product innovation to help you elevate your lubrication program to Best Practice Standards.

  • 10 different colors
  • 3 different sizes
    °1/4” (6,4 mm)
    °13/32” (10,4 mm)
    °17/32” (13,5 mm)
  • Clear label protection lens
  • Firm seal to keep dirt out
  • New hook design
  • Adhesive labels
  • Available in different kits
  • Per 3 or 6 colours
  • Per 60 or 240 pieces
  • Also in bulk per 100 #

LABEL SAFE™ GREASE FITTING PROTECTORS™ save you the cost of equipment failures due to grease contamination or misapplication.

Get the right grease in the right location by color-coding and keep grease fittings clean and protected at the same time. Simple identification and protection in one!

  1. 10 different colors to clearly identify and color-code grease fittings .
  2. New recessed head design and clear lens cover for enhanced identification .
  3. Adhesive Grease Fitting Protector Labels available in 0.5” Circle Size in sheet quantity .
  4. Firm seal around grease fitting keeps contaminants out and bearings in service longer .
  5. New hook design means easy grip and removal of cover versus tradional plastic caps.
  6. Made of durable anti-static industrial grade materials with UV stabilizers .
  7. Available with 1/4” (6.4 mm),13/32” (10.4 mm) and 17/32” (13,5 mm) diameter holes .
  8. Available in various kits with different size, quantities and colors for easy management.

Grease fitting protectors Beige Per 100 pieces

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