Label Safe Label Pocket Frame Beige

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Label Safe Label Pocket Frame Beige, packed per 24 pieces.

Color-coded label frames protected and identify label pockets

  • A highly visual, simple and reliable system for ensuring the right lubricant goes
  • into the right machine every time.
  • Connect frames to the Oil Safe containers via the Label Safe Drum Rings. Frames are attached to the drums via the Lockable Drum attachment or using the label leash for the color coded drum ring.

Industrial-grade frame protects and color codes label pockets — connect to
equipment via LABEL SAFE™ magnets or clamps or to OIL SAFE®
containers via LABEL SAFE™ drum rings.
The 2″x3.5″ Label Pockets match perfectly with this Label Pocket Frame.
Suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

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