LabTec Oil Analysis SO1 set of 10

LabTec Oil Analysis SO1 set of 10

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LabTec Oil Analysis SO1 set of 10 contains of 10 sample kits for compressor, engine, hydraulic and gear oil. As Labtec Oil Analysis SO2, but without particle count.

You can use any brand of oil to be analyzed. You will always receive an objective report, since analysis is performed by Polaris, a global market leader in this field.

They check the oil, among other things on:

  • Acid Number – mod. ASTM D664
  • Base Number – mod. ASTM D4739
  • Elemental Metals Analysis (24 by ICP) – mod. ASTM D5185
  • Fuel Dilution% – Gas Chromatography
  • Fuel Soot% – ASTM E2412
  • Glycol (pos / neg) – mod. ASTM D2982
  • Nitra Tion – ASTM E2412
  • Oxidation – ASTM E2412
  • Viscosity @ 40 ° or 100 ° C – mod. ASTM D445
  • Viscosity Index (includes Vis @ 40 ° & 100 ° C) – ASTM D2270
  • Water by Crackle (estimate) – POLARIS Laboratories® Method
  • Water by Karl Fischer (% or ppm) – mod. ASTM D1744
  • Water by Karl Fischer in PPM – Coulometric – ASTM D6304

With a Labtec Oil Analysis SO1 set of 10 you can easily get your oil samples analyzed on a regularbasis.  You look each time how many samples you want to perform analyzes on. If the Labtec Oil analysis set of 10 pieces is almost completely used, you can practically order a new set of 10 pieces.

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