SWEPCO 101 Moly Grease

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SWEPCO 101 Moly Grease is a Premium Quality, Non-Melt, Multi-Purpose Grease Made With Technical Fine Grade Powdered Moly for Unexcelled Control of Wear, Friction & Heat.

SWEPCO 101 Moly Grease represents the “state of the art” in grease technology, combining superior base stocks and gelling agent with the proven performance of powdered moly and other highly effective additives. Its advanced chemistry outperforms competitive “top of the line” greases in a number of important areas, including:

  • friction reduction
  • heat and wear control
  • high heat and oxidation resistance cold temperature performance
  • service life and lubrication cost control

For companies, equipment or service conditions that demand the best, there can be only one answer . . . SWEPCO 101 Moly Grease.

For an example of SWEPCO 101 Moly Grease click this link to read the case study of Avema Wegenbouw B.V. Achterveld.

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Case of 10 grease cartridges, Case of 30 grease cartridges, Drum (186 kg./208 liter), Grease Cartridge (0.409 kg), Keg (54 kg./60 liter), Pail (16 kg./19 liter)

  • Non-melt grease that will not melt at any temperature;
  • Contains the technical fine grade Molybdenum Disulfide (Moly Powder);
  • Optimum performance range is -30°F to 500°F (-34°C to 260°C);
  • Withstands up to 500,000 pounds per square inch of pressure;
  • Contains SWEPCO's proprietary anti-friction and anti-wear additive, LUBIUM®.
  • One grease for all applications;
  • Energy savings through friction reduction;
  • Reduced grease consumption;
  • Extended equipment life.
  • Industrial Equipment;
  • Manufacturing;
  • Mining;
  • Trucking.
  • Large cranes-lift;
  • Clamshell;
  • Draglines;
  • Heavy weight on the swing gear;
  • Roller bearings.

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