SWEPCO 333 Elite 100% Synthetic Engine Oil

SWEPCO 333 Elite 100% Synthetic Engine Oil

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SWEPCO 333 Elite 100% Synthetic Engine Oil has been formulated to meet the API SP gasoline engine oil specifications that were launched in May 2020.

  • 100% Fully Synthetic
  • Exceeds ILSAC GF-6 Service Classifications
  • Superior Fuel Economy
  • Lower Engine Emissions
  • Superior Engine Protection
  • Protects Against Low Speed Pre-Ignition

SWEPCO 333 Elite Synthetic Gasoline Engine Oil is a premium quality, extended service engine oil specially formulated with a proprietary additive package to exceed the requirements of ILSAC (International Lubricants Standardization and Approval Committee) GF-6 service classifications.

These classifications were designed to allow newer model gasoline engine automobiles and light trucks to achieve improved fuel economy, engine cleanliness, turbocharger protection, emission control system compatibility and protection of engines operating on ethanol-containing fuels up to E85.

SWEPCO 333 is available in three energy efficient multi-grades 5W20, 5W30 and 0W20.

Meeting and exceeding these specifications with lightweight multigrade oils assures users of improved fuel economy. But it also produces some significant lubrication challenges.
Without proper formulation, low viscosity oils can lead to increased high temperature oxidation, sludge, varnish, high oil consumption and poor wear control.

What makes the difference?

SWEPCO’s superior blend of premium synthetic base fluids and the most advanced additive chemistry reduces the volatility and oxidation characteristics of these lightweight base fluids. That means improved resistance to high temperature oxidation, oil thickening and oil consumption.

Additional chemistry improves resistance to high temperature deposits that can increase with unprotected lighter weight oils. And, DIMONYL®, SWEPCO’s proprietary anti-wear additive, further reduces the risk of wear in vital engine parts. SWEPCO 333 achieves this with the reduced phosphorous levels required by these new specifications.

Greater fuel economy, lower emission levels, longer oil life and less engine wear . . . you get it all when you use SWEPCO 333 in your automobile or light duty truck.

Broad range

This fully synthetic engine oil also meets or exceeds these specifications and requirements:

  • GM 6094M, Dexos 1 Gen2.
  • ILSAC GF-6A.
  • Mil-L-46152D and CID-A-A-52039B.
  • Ford WSS-M2C945-B1-5W20.
  • Ford WSS-M2C946-B1-5W30.
  • Ford WSS-M2C947-B1-0W20.
  • Chrysler MS6395M.
  • JASO-1.
  • Low Speed Pre-Ignition protection.
  • Superior Performance in hybrid engines.
  • Ideal for engines using synthetic and biofuels up to E-85.
  • Contains Dimonyl® for added protection.
  • Works with new engines and emission controls for maximum fuel economy.
  • Backwards compatible with older vehicles made since the year 2000.

SWEPCO 333 Elite 100% Synthetic Engine Oil is a state-of-the-art high-performance engine oil formulated to protect turbocharged and non-turbocharge engines against wear, oxidation, sludge, and high oil consumption. These low viscosity fully synthetic fluids are fortified to protect against valve train, piston ring, and crankshaft wear. The specially designed performance package prevents Low Speed Pre-Ignition events to extend equipment and engine life. The fully 100% synthetic fluids are thermally stable in high temperature turbo lubrication and high sump temperatures due to smaller sumps and aerodynamics. Superior vehicle maintenance starts with a premier motor oil designed to provide outstanding performance.

SWEPCO 333 elite synthetic gasoline engine oil

Note: Not recommended for engines requiring earlier service classifications or engines with flat tappet camshafts.
SWEPCO 306 Supreme Formula Engine Oil should be used in engines with flat tappet camshafts.
Only to be used in gasoline engines, NOT in Diesel!

Available in Europe: june 21st, 2021

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SAE 0W-20, SAE 5W-20, SAE 5W-30


Case of 24 US Quarts (0,947 liter), Case of 6 U.S. Gallon (3.785 liter), Drum (186 kg./208 liter), Keg (54 kg./60 liter), Pail (16 kg./19 liter)


Feature Benefit
Premium 100% Synthetic Base Fluids
  • Gives you a more uniform viscosity over a wide temperature range
  • Reduces high temperature volatility; superior thermal stability
  • Better low temperature flow characteristics help reduce start-up wear
  • Extends service life
  • Meets the requirements of more than one viscosity grade, resulting in a lubricant that bears the benefits of both viscosities
  • Made to lubricate effectively over a wider temperature range than a single grade oil allowing you to keep lubrication simple year-round
  • Acts as a synergist enhancing the performance of base stock and additives
  • Forms a protective film eliminating premature wear and reducing friction
  • Helps improve fuel economy by reducing friction and drag
  • Helps build the film strength required to withstand extreme pressures
Oxidation Inhibitor
  • Reduces oil thickening
  • Helps prevent sludge, varnish and carbon deposits that result from oxidation
Rust and Corrosion Inhibitor
  • Builds a chemical bond with the surface to keep moisture and acids from penetrating and attacking the surfaces
Anti-Foam Additive
  • Can lower oil operating temperatures by 25-50 degrees F by dispersing the foam and releasing the trapped heat
Oiliness Additive
  • Enables the oil to penetrate the surface for better lubrication
Anti-wear Inhibitor
  • Helps prevent friction and wear
  • Helps prevent metal to metal contact
Detergent Additive
  • Helps keep engine parts clean, neutralizes acids formed during combustion
Dispersant Additive
  • Helps keep solid contaminants in the oil in colloidal suspension, preventing sludge and varnish deposits on engine parts
Pour Point Depressant Additive
  • Gives the oil better low temperature flow characteristics
  • Helps improve cold cranking performance & reduces low temperature start-up wear
Viscosity Index Improver Additive
  • Less high temperature thinning and low temperature thickening
Saves Fuel
  • Increased "oiliness" provides anti-friction film to reduce fuel consumption
Long Life
  • Works harder for a longer period of time thus easing the cost and worries about waste oil disposal
SWEPCO LabTecSM Fluid Analysis Program
  • Can maximize equipment and lubricant life and pinpoint impending problems
  • Reduces waste
Bottom Line
  • Extends the life of your expensive equipment
  • Conserves fuel
  • Reduces waste disposal
  • Increases the service life of the oil
  • Reduces labor costs through decreased and simplified maintenance
  • Reduces costly scheduled and unscheduled downtime
  • Multi-grade formulation that reduces inventory and lubrication errors
  • Reduces low speed pre-ignition


  • ILSAC GF-6
  • GM 6094M, Dexos 1 Gen 2
  • Ford WSS-M2C945-B1-5W20
  • Ford WSS-M2C946-B1-5W30
  • Ford WSS-M2C947-B1-0W20
  • Chrysler MS 6395M
  • MIL L 46152D and CID A A 52039B
  • European Engine Manufacturers
  • Japanese Engine Manufacturers JASO
Property 0W20  5W20  5W30
Viscosity, cSt @ 40o C 42.4 41.8 56.4
Viscosity, cSt @ 100o C 8.01 7.76 10
Viscosity Index 164 158 165
Lbs/Gal 7.001 7.007 7.005
Specific Gravity @ 25o C 0.8394 0.8402 0.8399
Cold Crank mPas @ -35o C 2900 N/A N/A
Cold Crank mPas @ -30o C N/A 4500 4700
Low Temperature Pumping
@ -40o C mPas 4800 N/A N/A
Low Temperature Pumping
@ -35o C mPas N/A 7500 8500