SWEPCO 502 Premium Engine Oil Improver

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SWEPCO 502 Premium Engine Oil Improver: With MolyXP

Not all engine oils are created equal. If you aren’t using one of SWEPCO’s technologically advanced engine oils and want to make sure you are still providing superior protection for your engine, fortify your oil with SWEPCO 502 Premium Engine Oil Improver. It’s an outstanding oil conditioner in concentrated form . . . a high tech blend of specialized additives that include MolyXP, which protects vital engine parts from metal-to-metal contact, and a TBN booster to lengthen oil life.
Treatment with SWEPCO 502 will save you money by reducing heat, friction, wear, oil consumption, fuel consumption and costly repairs. Makes any oil a superior oil.
Try it today and feel the difference superior SWEPCO lubrication can make!

Description & Purpose:

SWEPCO 502 Premium Engine Oil Improver is a concentrated engine oil additive package designed to improve performance of ordinary crankcase lubricants. Simple to use. Just add directly to the crankcase of any diesel, gasoline, propane or butane powered engine. The high performance additive package insures superior protection in all types of service – highway, off-road, city and stationary engine service. Improves performance of API CK-4, API SN Plus or earlier engine oils in any engine in any type of service.


SWEPCO’s MolyXP is a remarkable advancement in anti-wear, anti-friction chemistry. When added to an engine oil with typical ZDDP (zinc) anti-wear chemistry, it significantly reduces wear and friction.

Simple to use.

Just add directly to the crankcase of any diesel, gasoline, propane or butane powered engine. The high performance additive package insures superior protection in all types of service – highway, off-road, city and stationary engine service.

For some more info, please read article under Notes from the lab regarding SWEPCO 502 Premium Engine Oil Improver.

Additional information




Case of 12 bottles, 473 ml per bottle, Pail (16 kg./19 liter)

  • A concentrated oil conditioner that adds superior performance to ordinary engine oil
  • Formulated with Moly XP . . . an advanced anti-wear, friction reducer that eliminates metal-to-metal contact
  • Reduces engine friction, wear & operating temperatures
  • Includes a TBN booster that improves resistance to acidic corrosion
  • Lengthens oil life
  • Reduces sludge, gum, varnish
  • Quiets engines
  • Increases fuel economy
  • Lengthens engine life
  • Recommended for highway, city, off-road & stationary use
  • For car, truck, heavy equipment, diesel, gas, propane & butane engines using API CK-4, API SN Plus or earlier oils

Enjoy these benefits with regular use of SWEPCO 502 Engine Oil Improver in conventional engine oils:

  • Prevents metal-to-metal contact - In high temperature, high load conditions, MolyXP protects vital engine parts from damaging metal-to-metal contact. Less wear means longer engine life.
  • Contributes to Improved Fuel Economy - Controlled testing shows the addition of Moly XP to modern engine oils creates a significant decrease in the coefficient of friction and can also have a noticeable effect on fuel economy.
  • Smoother, Quieter Operation - Better lubrication means a smoother, quieter running engine.
  • Reduces Operating Temperatures - Less friction and drag also means a cooler running engine.
  • Keeps Engines Cleaner - By lowering operating temperatures, it also reduces high temperature oxidation and thickening, sludging, gum and varnish that can rob performance.
  • TBN Booster Lengthens Oil Life - Additional chemistry increases the oil’s ability to neutralize corrosive by-products of high temperature combustion before they can attack engine surfaces. This means better protection and longer oil life.
  • Automotive;
  • Heavy Construction;
  • Trucking.
  • High performance automotive repair shops;
  • Mobile construction equipment;
  • Over the road trucks;
  • Fleet operations.

For car, truck, heavy equipment, diesel, gas, propane & butane engines using API CK-4, API SN Plus or earlier oils

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