SWEPCO 503 Premium Gasoline Improver

SWEPCO 503 Premium Gasoline Improver

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A clean fuel system is essential to maintaining maximum fuel efficiency in vehicles with modern gasoline port and direct fuel injection systems. But keeping systems clean is a challenge with today’s ethanol fuel blends like E10, E15 and E85. SWEPCO 503 Premium Gasoline Improver eliminates problems by keeping fuel injectors, pumps and other close tolerance components clean.



Special chemistry used in SWEPCO 503 Premium Gasoline Improver removes gum, varnish, sludge & carbon deposits in fuel systems and upper cylinder areas. Also protects expensive fuel injectors and pumps from mechanical and corrosive wear. Regular use keeps fuel systems in perfect operating condition. Effective for carbureted fuel systems, too.


  • Agricultural
  • Automotive
  • Heavy industry
  • Transport
  • Trucking


  • Boosts octane level of gasoline
  • Protects against harmful deposits & corrosion caused by ethanol blends as high as E85
  • Cleans carbon, varnish, gum & sludge from injectors, carburetors, intake valves, piston heads & other fuel system components for improved combustion, maximum fuel efficiency & significantly reduced exhaust emissions
  • Plates metal surfaces in fuel systems & storage tanks to prevent mechanical & corrosive wear and damaging rust
  • Prevents “phase inversion” which causes absorbed water to shut down engines
  • Keeps fuel fresher … highly effective oxidation inhibitors improve storage stability and reduce octane loss in tanks
  • Easy – just add directly to individual or bulk fuel tanks
  • Recommended for all types of gasoline engines except marine two-cycle

Keeps fuel systems clean for maximum power & fuel economy . . .

swepco-503-premium-gasoline-improver swepco-503-premium-gasoline-improver swepco-503-premium-gasoline-improver Insure maximum performance and  minimize fuel system problems, repairs and fuel consumption with SWEPCO 503 Premium Gasoline Improver

SWEPCO 503 Premium Gasoline Improver is a unique blend of specialized high-temperature-resistant solvents, highly effective rust and corrosion inhibitors and other advanced additives especially formulated to address water, corrosion, contamination and performance issues in engines running on straight gasoline or gasoline/ethanol blends as high as E85.

Most vehicles run on some form of ethanol today. Ethanol is alcohol that comes from processing corn, barley, wheat, sugar cane and other agricultural crops. While ethanol is a renewable energy source, it presents a number of challenges when blended with gasoline. And higher ethanol blends, such as E15 and E85, present problems that even premium gasoline additives aren’t formulated to resolve:

  • Water — Ethanol absorbs water as it sits in a fuel tank … the more ethanol, the more water. If the percent of water reaches 0.5% it can trigger a phenomenon called “phase inversion”, where the water and ethanol in the fuel separate from the gasoline and drop to the bottom of the tank. This can prevent an engine from starting or stop a running engine.
  • Corrosion — Without extra protection, the increased water content in ethanol causes corrosion and rust in fuel systems.
  • Reduced Efficiency — While ethanol increases octane levels when added to gasoline, it contains only about 66% of the energy of gasoline, so it degrades net fuel efficiency.
  • Less Stable in Storage — Gasoline/ethanol blends lose octane levels and degrade as they age, staying fresh for only about 90 days. Use of aged fuel in automotive engines can increase fuel consumption, carbon deposit formation, carbon monoxide and hydrocarbon emissions.

Do you have a diesel engine, instead of SWEPCO 503 Premium Gasoline Improver we refer you to SWEPCO 501 Premium Diesel Fuel Improver.

Using a standard engine oil and you want to upgrade it towards one of SWEPCO’s engine oils, then you can add to your current engine oil SWEPCO 502 Engine Oil Improver. To achieve even more improvements (and less oil consumption), at the next oil change  start using one of SWEPCO’s High performance Engine Oils.


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Case of 20 bottles. 355 ml per bottle, Drum (186 kg./208 liter), Pail (16 kg./19 liter)

  • Keeps fuel injectors and fuel delivery system clean;
  • Eliminates carbon deposits on intake and exhaust valves;
  • Only 60% burns and 40% remains to lubricate;
  • Reduces wear;
  • Eliminates sticky valves, improves compression;
  • Dissolves harmful gums;
  • Mix 1:333 voor Gasoline;
  • Mix 1:100 voor Diesel.
  • One improver that can be used in a mixed fleet without possibility of misapplication;
  • Cleaning capability improves compression, eliminates sticky valves, and reduces engine wear by dissolving harmful carbon, gum and other abrasive materials;
  • Lubricates the upper cylinders;
  • Increases fuel economy.
  • Agricultural;
  • Automotive;
  • Heavy Construction;
  • Trucking.
  • High performance automotive repair shops;
  • Mobile construction equipment;
  • Over the road trucks;
  • Fleet operations.

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