Prove it to yourself…


Prove it to yourself…

Prove it to yourself…

Your choice of lubricants does make a difference . So, if your business depends on keeping the wheels turning, you owe it to yourself and your company to try SWEPCO.

Since 1933, we have been making the world’s best High Performance Lubricants. We are a.o. ISO 9001 Certified and serve demanding customers in more than 90 countries.

We would like to prove the SWEPCO difference to you with a 60-day no-risk trial. You will experience …

  • 2-3 times longer lubricant life
  • reduced lubricant consumption
  • lower operating temperatures
  • fewer hard part replacements
  • less maintenance labor
  • less waste oil
  • reduced energy costs
  • longer equipment life
  • less downtime
  • higher productivity
  • MORE profit

Just let your SWEPCO Field Service Representative know you would like to “Experience The Difference” … Prove it to yourself…

Our “Experience the Difference” Trial is a no-risk way to prove the impact a SWEPCO High Performance Lubricant can have on your operation. For a limited time, we will ship you any one of our high performance lubricants. Try it for 60 days. If at the end of 60 days you aren’t delighted with the performance, just pay what you are paying now for your current lubricant*.

Contact your SWEPCO Field Service Representative TODAY! The sooner you act, the sooner you can reduce your total cost of lubrication.

The Difference a High Performance GREASE Can Make

Main crusher bearing replacements reduced by 87%Sand & Gravel company switched from a Texaco® grease to SWEPCO 105 HI Plus Grease and experienced these results:

  • Pin & bushing replacements reduced by 95%
  • Annual savings of $39,700

The Difference A High Performance GEAR OIL Can Make

Gear box drain intervals extended from once per month to once per yearMajor Trucks manufacturer in North America switched from Castrol® gear oil to SWEPCO 201 Multi-Purpose Gear Lube and experienced these results:

  • Gear oil consumption reduced 91%
  • Significant savings in oil, labor & downtime

The Difference A High Performance ENGINE OIL Can Make

Engine oil drain intervals extended from 250 hours to 1,200, with some engines exceeding 2,000 hoursLumber mill switched from Unocal 76® engine oil to SWEPCO 306 Supreme Formula Engine Oil and experienced these results:

  • Cummins 400-B engines exceed OEM longest projected service life by 40%
  • Detroit Diesel 8V92 engines lasting 12,000 hours, twice as long as normal
  • Cat 3208 engines last 40,000 hours without rebuilds
  • Make-up oil typical requirements reduced by 80-90%

The Difference A High Performance COMPRESSOR OIL Can Make

Leading company applying high technology coatings to steel pipe switched from Mobil DTE® compressor oil to SWEPCO 702 Rotary Compressor Oil and experienced these results:

  • Drain intervals safely extended from 500 hours to 4,000 hours
  • Compressor temperatures under load dropped 20° from 190° F to 170° F
  • Amperage under load dropped 15%, saving $7,000 per year in electricity

For more examples, please look at some case studies on this website. Looking for a different example, please do ask us. We have hundreds more available.

* Terms: Order a SWEPCO Lubricant you have never used before and we will give you 60 days to work with it. Compare it to the lubricant you are using now. If, at the end of the 60 days, you can see the difference and are satisfied with your decision, just pay for the SWEPCO Lubricants as invoiced. If, for some reason, you are unable to document the difference between SWEPCO and your existing lubricant, just pay what you are paying for your current lubricant. In the unlikely case that you choose to discount the invoice to the price of your current supplier, we ask that you enclose a copy of a recent invoice for the competitive product in order to validate the discount.
This offer may be discontinued at any time without notice.

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