SWEPCO 105 High Impact Plus Grease is a premium quality multi-purpose grease formulated to work in wide range of applications. This tough, fibrous lubricant is unique to other greases the thickener in the 105 provides most of the desirable features and benefits. Water and impact resistance, alkaline reserve and the protective layer the SWEPCO 105 forms over metal parts is all provided by the Barium Complex thickener. Due to the difficult and extended processing time required to make a Barium Complex grease, SWEPCO is one of a very few companies in the world to manufacture this unique high-performance grease.

SWEPCO 105 High Impact Plus Grease keeps working where other greases fail. It stays put and will not pound out or wash out even in the most extreme and harshest of conditions. Ideal for use in wet, dirty and corrosive environments.

  • A natural alkaline reserve neutralizes acidic mixtures, atmospheres, fertilizers and other corrosive materials.
  • High impact resistance provides superior film strength to protect metal to metal contact
  • Will not pound out of bucket pins, rollers, journals and bearings.
  • Forms a protective barrier to keep out dirt, dust and other abrasive materials and contaminates.
  • Yellow metal friendly… will not tarnish or corrode brass, bronze or copper.
  • Excellent anti-wear properties for extended equipment life.
  • Very water resistant, will not wash out or emulsify with water.
  • Reduces the total cost of lubrication by lowering overall consumption, unscheduled downtime and extending equipment life.

Where to use…Ideal applications:

Agriculture, Construction, Sand, Gravel and Concrete (and many more!)


Source: SWEPCO®



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