SWEPCO 115 Food Machinery Grease

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SWEPCO 115 Food Machinery Grease


SWEPCO 115 Food Machinery Grease is an excellent performer in food processing and agricultural applications. The aluminum complex thickener has natural resistance to water so it will not wash out during steam and cleaning cycles.

A unique feature about aluminum complex is that it returns to a grease like lubricant after it has melted. Whereas most greases become hard and wax like or gritty. SWEPCO 115 is resistance to acids and protects metal surfaces from corrosion and rust.

Specifically formulated to exceed USDA/NFS H-1 and Canada Health requirements for food machinery grease and food processing.

Excellent resistance to pounding and slinging out, SWEPCO 115 stays where it is applied.

This pure, white, non–toxic grease provides outstanding lubrication of ball, roller, needle, journal and slider bearings. Its excellent pumpability also makes it effective for use in central lubrication systems.


  • Can seamers, filling equipment, peelers, and wrappers.
  • Shaker screens, conveyors, and juice extractors.
  • Valves, meat cutters, and deboning equipment.
  • Dairies, vegetable and grain farms, and bakeries.
  • Ideals for ball, roller, needle, and journal bearings.
  • Fruit, vegetable, and beverage processing.
  • Water treatment plants
  • Many other applications.


Not for use where direct contact with food or potable water will occur.

SWEPCO 115 Food Machinery Grease is an excellent lubricant through out the plant or operation. The wide temperature range (-18°C to 204°C or 0°F to 400°F ) offers flexibility for use in refrigerated areas as well ovens and cooking spaces. High and low temperature performance are superior to ordinary aluminum, clay or polyurea base food machinery greases.

For an example, please have a look at the case study of EverZinc. If you want to receive more examples where our customers have described the difference SWEPCO 115 Food Machinery Grease brought them, please contact us.

Source: SWEPCO®

SWEPCO 115 Food Machinery Grease

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