SWEPCO 115 Food Machinery Grease

SWEPCO 115 Food Machinery Grease

SWEPCO 115 Food Machinery Grease

SWEPCO 115 Food Machinery Grease was formulated specifically to meet USDA/NSF H-1 and Canadian Food Inspection Agency “n” requirements for a grease capable of incidental contact in food and beverage processing industries. This high performance aluminum complex grease is ideal for use on high speed can seamers, juice extractors, filling equipment, labelers, packaging machinery, peelers, shaker screens, conveyors, valves, bread wrappers, meat cutting equipment and other food processing and packaging machinery. High and low temperature performance are superior to ordinary aluminum, lithium or calcium base food machinery greases. It also stays where you put it, providing long lasting service, extended greasing intervals and reduced grease consumption.

SWEPCO 115 Food Machinery Grease

SWEPCO 115 Food Machinery Grease is an Aluminum Complex based grease designed to be utilized in food processing plants, agriculture, and food handling in general. Being aluminum complexed based is a plus in that it will reform into a grease after it has been melted just like the SWEPCO 121 grease. This allows the SWEPCO 115 Food Machinery Grease to withstand intermittent high temperatures and still perform well when the application cools.

H-1 approved grease

To reduce the risk of using the wrong grease in the wrong area of a food processing plant, many facilities use an H-1 approved grease throughout the plant. Many Food Plant inspectors also recommend using H-1 lubricants throughout the facility.  USDA H-1 lubricants are for use primarily in areas where incidental food contact may occur.

Excellent water resistance

SWEPCO 115 Food Machinery Grease has excellent water resistance so it will withstand repeated washings and steam. Food plants do frequent washings and sometimes use steam to clean up certain areas. SWEPCO 115 is chemical and acid resistant, pumps easily, and has excellent corrosion resistance. This product has an excellent performance record in a vast array of food and agricultural processing plants. It is ideal for use with citrus, various juices, canning, packaging, dairy, feed, seed, and a wide variety of other processes.

Source: SWEPCO®.

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