SWEPCO 123 Ultra EP Multi-Service Grease

SWEPCO 123 Ultra EP Multi-Service Grease

SWEPCO 123 Ultra EP Multi-Service Grease

SWEPCO 123 Ultra EP Multi-Service Grease

SWEPCO 123 Ultra EP Multi-Service Grease was introduced in 2012 and has grown to be our third largest selling grease. This product has performed well and has proven to be a true problem solver.

Calcium Sulfonate based greases have superior rust prevention qualities that work well to protect metal surfaces against corrosion from rain, sea water, salt water from road run-off, acids and alkalis, and other chemical attack. The thickener provides many of the performance properties of SWEPCO 123 so the use of expensive additives are not required to make a high-performance grease.

Over 50.000 RPM and can hold up to 30% water

Along with great load carrying and wear prevention properties, SWEPCO 123 can operate and stay in place at speeds over 50.000 RPM making it an excellent grease for wheel bearings, pellet mills, u-joints, and a wide variety of other applications. The calcite molecules in the thickener plate out on the metal surface to form a protective barrier that is quickly replaced if scraped off. SWEPCO 123 works well in high water applications to keep water away from metal surfaces, up to 10% water improves the load carrying properties and 123 can hold up to 30% water in it’s matrix before it starts to break down. Most greases start to break down with as little as 1% to 2% water mixed into the matrix. This makes it a good choice for bucket pins, conveyor bearings, track rollers, and other applications where water is present.

CAUTION SWEPCO 123 Ultra EP Multi-Service Grease is NOT approved for Vessel General Permit Applications or NSF H-1 areas where it may come into contact with food. It does meet the NFS H-2 criteria for use in food production where it will not come into contact with food.

Wide operating temperature range

SWEPCO 123 has been successfully used in a wide variety of applications. it has a wide operating temperature range from -18°C to 236°C (0°F to 475°F) with a dropping point of almost 315°C (600°F). SWEPCO 123 can be used above 246°V (475°F) with more frequent lubrication.

If you find an application where other greases fall short, use SWEPCO 123 Ultra EP Multi-Service Grease, at this moment available in Europe in NLGI #2 grade. NLGI #1 and #0 are coming soon to Europe.

Also check our other Calcium Sulfonate thickened greases, SWEPCO 164, SWEPCO 165, SWEPCO 116, and SWEPCO 150.

Source: SWEPCO®

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