SWEPCO 165 Universal Extreme Pressure Grease in a NLGI #1

SWEPCO 165 Universal Extreme Pressure Grease in a NLGI #1

As of next month SWEPCO 165 Universal Extreme Pressure Grease in a NLGI #1 will be available in Europe!

This high-performance grease is almost also available is a NLGI #1 or 165 Light in Europe, at the same price as the NLGI #2.


  • The #1 pumps at -20°F(-29°C) for those low temperature applications. Excellent for use in winter months or year around in cold climates.
  • Excellent wear resistance for long bearing life.
  • Works well in wet and damp applications.
  • Alkaline reserve to resist corrosive environments and chemicals. Ideal for farms and golf courses.
  • Can be used to consolidate inventories.
  • Contains MolyXP and Graphite for superior wear protection and load carrying.


SWEPCO 165 Universal Extreme Pressure Grease Open Gears, gates, draw bridges, and draglines.
Construction equipment, mining, forestry.
Hydraulic Hammer Lubrication Hydraulic hammers, jack hammers, hammer grease, bucket pins, ball joints, pivot pins, steering joints, and u-joints.

With SWEPCO’s SyntheonTM, MolyXP and Lubium® II,

Wear from heavy loads can cause a wide range of problems. SWEPCO 165 MolyXP Universal Extreme Pressure Grease is a high performance multiservice lubricant formulated to deliver unsurpassed protection and sealing of a wide range of processes and equipment. SWEPCO’s SyntheonTM synthetic base stocks, over-based calcium sulfonate base and advanced additive chemistry, such as MolyXP and Lubium® II, provide superior lubrication, wear resistance, corrosion and rust resistance and sealing for all types of industrial applications. Insure proper operation, longer life and less downtime with SWEPCO 165.

Source: SWEPCO®

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