SWEPCO 201 MULTI-PURPOSE GEAR LUBE is a premium high-performance single weight gear oil formulated with Lubium ™II to enhance thermal stability, reduce operating temperatures, improve yellow metal compatibility, and maintain proper viscosity at high temperatures with proven performance in a wide range of mobile and industrial gearbox applications.

Recommended for any gearbox running hot, any gear box operating in a heavily loaded application, any gear box making noise, any gearbox which is leaking at the seals, any gear box which requires frequent make-up oil or has to be shut down at intervals to keep it running.


Industrial gear boxes, Manual Transmission, Construction, Stevedoring, Mining equipment, and Differentials.

SWEPCO 201 MULTI-PURPOSE GEAR LUBE has many key benefits:

  • Long-drain protection for manual transmissions, industrial gearboxes, gear reducers, gear driven final drives, power take-offs, and differential.
  • Excellent yellow metal (Brass, Bronze, and Copper) compatibility. Will not corrode transmission synchronizers or worm gear components.
  • Contains a limited slip additive for differentials and transfer cases.
  • Adhesive/cohesive properties eliminates start-up wear and dry starts, the number one cause of gear wear.
  • Rapid, complete water separation for easy removal. Unsurpassed in water separation.
  • Extends oil life two, three, times or more with LOA.
  • Reduces energy consumption in stationary gearboxes.
  • Controls foaming and reduces operating temperatures.
  • Superior varnish, sludge, rust and corrosion control.
  • Exceeds performance requirements of all major gearbox and OEM specifications.
  • NSF H-2 and Canada Health Compliant for non-food contact.
  • Easy to demonstrate against competitor products.
  • Advanced additive chemistry provides extended drain protection, additional protection from from wear, foaming, overheating, sludge, varnish, and carbon deposits, also prevents rust, corrosion and water contamination.
  • LOA program makes safe, long-drain service possible.

Demonstration of Water Separation:
Take 2 bottles like below, add the water first, then in one bottle your present gear oil and in the other one SWEPCO 201, and then the paper clip.

  • Close it,
  • Shake it,
  • See the difference.

We would like to explain in person how 201 makes it easy to remove water and condensation from the gear box.

Source SWEPCO®


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