SWEPCO 203 Moly-XP GEAR LUBE is a premium high-performance gear oil formulated with Lubium™II to enhance thermal stability, reduce operating temperatures, improve yellow metal compatibility, and maintain proper viscosity at high temperatures with proven performance (contact us for case studies) in a wide range of mobile and industrial gearbox applications. It also contains Moly-XP for added friction and wear reduction.

Recommended for any gearbox running hot, any gear box operating in a heavily loaded application, any gear box making noise, any gearbox which is leaking at the seals, any gear box which requires frequent make-up oil or has to be shut down at intervals to keep it running.


Key Benefits

SWEPCO 203 Moly-XP GEAR LUBE has many key benefits:

  • Long-drain protection for manual transmissions, industrial gearboxes, gear reducers, gear driven final drives, power take-offs and differential.
  • Excellent yellow metal (Brass, Bronze, and Copper) compatibility. Will not corrode transmission synchronizers or worm gear components.
  • Contains a limited slip additive for differentials and transfer cases.
  • Adhesive/cohesive properties eliminates start-up wear and dry starts, the number #1 cause of gear wear.
  • Unsurpassed rapid and complete water separation for easy removal.
  • Extends oil life two or more times with LOA.
  • Reduces energy consumption in stationary gearboxes.
  • Controls foaming and reduces operating temperatures.
  • Superior varnish, sludge, rust, and corrosion control.
  • Exceeds performance requirements of all major gearbox and OEM specifications.
  • NSF H-2 and Canada Health Compliant for non-food contact.
  • Easy to demonstrate against competitor products.
  • Advanced additive chemistry provides extended drain protection, additional protection from wear, foaming, overheating, sludge, varnish, and carbon deposits. Also prevents rust, corrosion, and water contamination.
  • LOA program makes safe, long-drain service possible.
  • Contains Moly-XP for reduced friction and wear. Ideal for gearboxes that are running hot, over loaded, or over speed.


  • Industrial gear boxes;
  • Manual Transmission;
  • Construction;
  • Stevedoring;
  • Mining equipment;
  • marine and
  • differentials.


SWEPCO 203 Moly-XP GEAR LUBE is available in ISO 220, 460, 680 and 1000 viscosities with the corresponding SAE 90 (ISO 220), 140 (ISO 460) and 250 (ISO 1000) grades. Contact us for the SWEPCO 203 sales brochures for the many features, performance properties, and specifications exceeded.

Source: SWEPCO®

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