SWEPCO 212 Moly-XP Multi-Grade Gear Lube

SWEPCO 212 Moly-XP Multi-Grade Gear Lube

SWEPCO 212 Moly-XP Multi-Grade Gear Lube

SWEPCO 212 Moly-XP Multi-Grade Gear Lube SAE 75W140 with Syntheon™ is a multi-purpose gear lube with a wide operating temperature range.


  • Contains Moly-XP for additional friction reduction, smoother operation, and longer equipment life.
  • Made with Syntheon™ base fluid blend to provide a wide operating temperature range, superior oxidation resistance, and longer fluid life.
  • Recommended for use where an ISO 320 or ISO 460 gear oil is required.
  • Can improve fuel economy in over the road vehicles.
  • Will not channel or solidify in cold weather down to -40°F (-40°C).
  • Extends oil life as much as two to three times or more.
  • Controls varnish, sludge, corrosion, and rust.
  • Contains a limited slip additive for differentials.
  • Ideal for off-road, dirty, wet, conditions.


SWEPCO 212 is a full SAE 140 viscosity at operating temperatures.

Recommended for use in:

Manual Transmissions

Gear boxes

SWEPCO 212 Moly-XP Multi-Grade Gear Lube

Source: SWEPCO®

Keep it running…™

Some customer comments after switch to a.o. SWEPCO 212:

  • “The benefits we have received from switching over to SWEPCO are significant reductions in replacement parts, grease consumption and maintenance labour costs.
    Our gearboxes are running cooler and more efficient due to the reduction of bearing temperatures. Switching over to SWEPCO products is most certainly a viable solution if you are serious about cutting unnecessary costs and maintaining optimal equipment efficiencies.”
  • “We previously tried 12 different gear oils without success. We will recommend SWEPCO as #1 solution to reduce the cost of lubrication.”
  • “ I would highly recommend SWEPCO to any company wanting to increase their bottom line. SWEPCO lubricants have saved us many thousands of dollars by significantly reducing repair labor, downtime, hard parts replacement costs and have substantially increased our productivity.”

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