SWEPCO 308 Premium Diesel Engine Oil

SWEPCO 308 Premium Diesel Engine Oil

SWEPCO 308 Premium Diesel Engine Oil

In 2007 the American Petroleum Institute (API) launched the engine oil specification for high speed over the road diesel engines and off-road diesel engines with tier 3 exhaust emission standards. The off-road diesel engine requirements were to take effect in 2010. These changes are a result of an effort to reduce emissions, improve fuel economy, and reduce Green House Gases (GHG). To accomplish these goals engine manufacturers have introduced several changes in engine design and emission controls. Modern diesel engines now have particulate traps, catalytic converters, Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR), and other devices to reduce smog producing gases.

Improved fuel economy is being addressed by using lower viscosity oils and advanced new engine design. These changes include engine downsizing to reduce mass and heat rejection. Operating at lower RPM’s to aid in more complete combustion. New combustion chamber designs which improve performance. Computer controlled variable valve timing and start / stop technology. This is where the number of cylinders used is reduced during low loads and / or the engine stops during idle and restarts when the gas pedal is engaged. 2007 Engines operate at higher temperatures, tighter tolerances, and higher soot generation. These properties result in greater challenges for the oils in terms of thermal and oxidation resistance, soot control, and shear stability.

Engine Oils such as SWEPCO 308 Premium Diesel Engine Oil meeting API CJ-4 are backwards compatible with older engines and meet API SN so they can be used for the entire fleet, old and new diesels as well as gasoline engines. These oils are formulated to work with 15 PPM sulfur diesel fuel and can work with fuels that have as high as 500 PPM sulfur with more frequent oil changes.

After the new specifications were released, Ford announced that they were experiencing excessive wear on the valve train in their 2007 diesel engines using the CJ-4 oils. They are recommending using CI-4 oils (SWEPCO 306) until they can redesign their engines. Be Sure to check the manual first when you are using Ford powered diesels.

SWEPCO 308 Premium Diesel Engine Oil is formulated for 2007 to 2016 over the road diesel engines and 2010 to 2016 off road diesel engines.

Using state of the art friction modifiers, wear and oxidation control additives, and specially designed Viscosity Improvers for multi functional performance, SWEPCO 308 Premium Diesel Engine Oil will provide exceptional performance, extended drain intervals (with Oil Analysis), and overall customer satisfaction.

The SWEPCO 308 Sales Brochure lists all the engine manufacturers equipment that we meet or exceed along with additional performance information.

SWEPCO 310 Premier Engine Oil is recommended for 2017 and newer engines.

Contact us  if you have further questions or need a sample of SWEPCO 308.

SWEPCO 308 Premium Diesel Engine Oil
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