There is an often-heard statement that, “All engine oils are the same, any old oil will work!” and that is far from the truth. Today’s engine oils must pass a variety of physical, chemical, and engine tests to qualify as an engine oil. This is especially true for the modern fuel injected, compact, and exhaust modified engines. There many good oils, a few technology advanced high-performance oils, and a few you read about in the news for being obsolete or sub-quality. The difference between a good oil and a technology advanced high-performance oil is usually observed in used oil analysis, fewer maintenance issues, longer drains, and longer equipment life.

Studies have shown that many customers will buy the most economical oil available without realizing the potential long-term issues they will encounter concerning maintenance issues and equipment life.

SWEPCO 502 Premium Engine Oil Improver is a concentrated oil conditioner that adds superior performance to ordinary engine oil.

Key Benefits:

  • Formulated with Moly-XP …an advanced anti-wear friction reducer that works synergistically with Zinc engine oil additives to eliminate metal to metal contact.
  • Fights acidic corrosion and soot issues by increasing the TBN (Total Base Number).
  • Extends the oil life (verified with LOA).
  • Is compatible with and mixes easily with mineral oil based, synthetic, and synthetic blends of engine oils.
  • Will not change the ash, Zinc, or Phosphorous levels of the engine oil.
  • Reduces sludge, gum, and varnish.
  • Disperses soot and contaminates.
  • Keeps contaminates in suspension so they can be carried to the filters or out of the engine when the oil is changed.
  • Lengthens engine life by protecting critical parts.
  • Recommended for highway, city, off-road, marine, and stationary engines.
  • For car, truck, heavy equipment, diesel, gas, natural gas, propane, and butane powered engines using API CK-4, FA-4, API SN Plus and for older equipment.
  • Protects older equipment from wear due to changing engine oil chemistries.
  • Will not harm exhaust treatment systems or catalysts.
  • Smoother, quieter operations.

Where to use SWEPCO 502 Premium Engine Oil Improver?

  • Fleets
  • Municipalities
  • Delivery Services
  • Repair shops
  • Garages
  • Equipment rental businesses
  • Construction and Concrete
  • Agriculture
  • Forestry
  • Gen-Sets
  • YOU

The mix ration is 0.5 Liter (1-pint) of SWEPCO 502 to 5 Liter (5 quarts) engine oil, or 3.75 Liter (1-gallon ) SWEPCO 502 to 37.5L (10 gallons) engine oil.

Do not over fill or over treat.
Do not use as make-up oil during a filter change.

It is recommended adding SWEPCO 502 PREMIUM ENGINE OIL IMPROVER with fresh oil during the scheduled oil change.

Source: SWEPCO®

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