SWEPCO 723 HVG Anti-Wear Wire Rope Lubricant

SWEPCO 150 Wire Rope Grease

SWEPCO 723 HVG Anti-Wear Wire Rope Lubricant

SWEPCO 723 HVG Anti-Wear Wire Rope Lubricant is a state-of-the-art synthetic product designed for use on wire ropes and cables. SWEPCO 723 has proven performance in mining, stevedoring, and all types of operations throughout the world.

Wire ropes are everywhere and used on a variety of equipment such as Hoists, Cranes, Marine Tow and Mooring Lines, Aerial Tramways, Dredges, Draglines, Mining, Elevators, and many other applications.

Most competitive wire rope lubricants are asphalt or grease based which makes the inspection of the wire strands difficult and application can be messy or incomplete. To work well on wire ropes and cables, the lubricant must not only coat and protect but also penetrate the inner wire strands. When a wire rope or cable is used it will twist and wear from the inside to the out. Wire ropes must be inspected and examined periodically for broken strands as well as test for rust and corrosion.

SWEPCO 723 HGV Anti-Wear Wire Rope Lubricant has several key benefits:

  • Translucent red color permits easy inspection of wire rope and cables.
  • Exceptional Extreme Pressure properties, able to with stand shock and heavy loads.
  • Does not build up or harden like asphalt-based products.
  • Will not wash or sling off.
  • Easy to apply by brush, swab, or pressure lubricators.
  • Extend lubrication intervals.
  • Resists water, acid rain, salt water, and other corrosives.

SWEPCO 723 HVG Anti-Wear Wire Rope Lubricant will extend wire rope and cable service life, longer term lubrication intervals; and reduce down-time for our customers who have tried, tested, and continue to use SWEPCO 723 with outstanding results.

If you are looking for special equipment to apply SWEPCO 723 HVG Anti-Wear Wire Rope Lubricant on the wire ropes, please contact us. Besides the lube from SWEPCO® we can also assist you on top quality supporting products.

Source: SWEPCO®

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