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SWEPCO Energy Star Program

SWEPCO Energy Star Program

Many customers in the U.S.A. are familiar with the Department of Energy (DOE) Energy Star Rating program. You will see it on any new Television, Appliance, and Air Conditioning system available for sale. It is a guide for expected electricity and energy usage over the life of the product. But also in Europe the Energy Star® logo shows up more and more on all kind of equipment, like printers, computers, etc.

A key component to determining the rating is the lubricant used in the moving parts of the equipment. Major differences were noted in industrial equipment such as compressors, hydraulic systems, and gearboxes. Just by using a high-performance lubricant made significant differences in energy consumption.

Several years ago, SWEPCO in cooperation with the Department of Energy went through a large number of tests, scrutiny, and comparison against major lubricant manufacturers to prove that using SWEPCO products can and will reduce energy consumption.

The test protocol included recording temperatures, energy use (electrical, fuel, and pressure) and load. The equipment was then cleaned and flushed, filled with SWEPCO lubricants and the same information was recorded and compared. In every case SWEPCO lubricants were able to reduce energy usage and costs.

SWEPCO is still the ONLY lubricant manufacturer to receive DOE Energy Star Certification. THIS IS SOMETHING WE ARE VERY PROUD OF!

SWEPCO products not only extend equipment life and last longer, they also save on energy cost. In ten years (2008 to 2018) industrial electricity costs have not changed much, the average in 2008 it was $0.0633 per kilowatt hour, in 2018 it was $0.0693 per kilowatt hour in the USA. It may not seem like much, but even a 2% reduction in energy usage to an industrial customer translates into thousands of dollars in the short period of time. And most relations experience a significantly higher percentage of less energy consumption, regularly even in the double digits!

By the end of 2022, energy prices have exploded. At the moment these are at a reasonable level, but it is expected that this will rise again next winter. By using particularly high-quality lubricants from SWEPCO, the machine parts last longer, the consumption of lubricants will decrease considerably due to less consumption of lubricating grease, longer drain intervals AND less energy consumption.

There is a lot of competition and money conscience customers are looking to get the best product for their money. The SWEPCO Energy Star Program is one way to show our value and benefits by using SWEPCO products. That SWEPCO products are worth the initial cost and in the long run will save you money!

Please contact us for more information and let us show you how we can achieve savings for your company.

“keep it running…!”

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