SWEPCO Pro-Scrub Hand Cleaner

Pro-Scrub Hand Cleaner

SWEPCO Pro-Scrub Hand Cleaner

Every shop, plant, or other work environment needs an effective hand cleaner. The problem is that most of the popular hand cleaners are solvent-based and can cause skin dryness, irritation, burning of cuts, and dermatitis.

SWEPCO Pro-Scrub Hand Cleaner is different. It is a detergent based hand cleaner that is pH balanced and includes a highly effective skin softener, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal ingredients. Instead of using walnut shells or pumice that can be abrasive to skin, Pro-Scrub uses special silica micro beads that are soft, pliable, and not abrasive to skin.

Key Benefits…

  1. A highly effective detergent based cleaner that does not contain solvents that will dry, irritate, burn cuts, or cause dermatitis.
  2. Soft Silica micro beads clean without being abrasive like walnut shells or pumice.
  3. Formula Includes skin softeners, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal ingredients.
  4. Effective on grease, oil, soot, carbon black, paint, ink, dyes from fertilizer, and many other tough cleaning challenges.
  5. Rinses clean with a pleasant fragrance and no sticky film.
  6. Won’t clog drains.
  7. Will not turn liquid in hot storage or separate.
  8. Five (5) year shelf life.

Pro-Scrub Hand Cleaner packaging

SWEPCO Pro-Scrub Hand Cleaner is available in four (4) different packages….

  • Cases of six 64 Ounce (1.9liter) Tubs
    • Plastic Dispenser is available.
  • Cases of four 1-Gallon (3.75 liter) Jugs with plastic pump
    • Stainless Steel dispenser is also available
  • Case of twelve 16-Ounce (0.473 liter) squeeze Bottles
  • 4-Gallon (15 liter) Pail

Trouble getting your hands really clean and also want to have a soft product for your skin? Try SWEPCO Pro-Scrub Hand Cleaner to experience the Pro-Scrub difference! Even the most dirty hands will be cleaned within no-time. And it is very easy to use … wet hands, take a pinch, scrub and rinse. Available in 64 oz. tub, 1 gal. jug, 16 oz. squeeze bottle and 4 gal. bucket.


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Source: SWEPCO®

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