Syntheon: Advanced Base Fluid Technology

Syntheon: Advanced Base Fluid Technology

Introducing Syntheon: Advanced Base Fluid Technology

Walk into any auto parts store and in the engine oil area you will find a variety of products offering full synthetic, partial synthetic, synthetic blends, the list goes on and on. A key point to remember is that according to a 1999 U.S. Court case the term Synthetic is a marketing term rather than a scientific term.

current definition of the term synthetic

Many of us started in this business with the understanding that the term synthetic referred to fluids such a PAO (Poly Alpha Olefin), Esters, and other API Group 4 or Group 5 fluids and all of them being man made. The current definition includes the initial processing of crude oil and everything from API Group 1 through Group 5.

Many products that were true synthetics are now a blend of several fluids to keep prices competitive in the marketplace.

API Base Oil Categories

SWEPCO has always been and will continue to be a leader in lubrication technology. To keep pace with new equipment, specifications, regulations, and environmental demands the SWEPCO R&D team has been working hard to keep SWEPCO lubricants the best in the world. One aspect was to avoid using the term synthetic as it has lost its true meaning in recent years. In an effort to relay improvements and changes in the lubricant base fluids the term Syntheon was born.

Syntheon: Advanced Base Fluid Technology

Syntheon is a blend of PAO, Esters, Polymers, highly refined mineral oils, and other materials to use as the base fluid for many of our products. These components will vary in concentration and content depending on the product viscosity, temperature range, and end use. These specialty blends along with the latest in additive technology allow us to extend the oxidative life, expand operating temperature ranges, and improve the product performance. Any of our products with these blends will proudly announce Syntheon on the sales brochure.

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Source: SWEPCO

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