Valve Lubrication with SWEPCO 165

Valve Lubrication with SWEPCO 165

Valve Lubrication with SWEPCO 165

Valve Lubrication with SWEPCO 165.

Wherever there is a liquid or gas that is moved through a pipe or tube regardless of length, it will have a valve that needs lubrication. Years ago, most valves were lubricated with a few drops of motor oil; however, today’s equipment is much more demanding.

Gate valves

Gate valves require grease to be injected into the valve cavity to displace fluids and contaminates while acting a barrier to prevent further ingress. The grease acts as a seal where the gate and seat surfaces meet to prevent leakage under high pressure. The Moly and Graphite in the SWEPCO 165 act to enhance the sealing surfaces where minor damages such as scoring or galling may have occurred.


Ball valves

Ball valves require grease to maintain the seal between the ball and the seat, preventing corrosion so to keep the valve operating smoothly, and wear from occurring.

Piston valves

In Piston valves, the internal piston must be able to slide easily while maintaining a good seal. The lubricant must also prevent corrosion and wear.

The other valves that may be encountered are butterfly, knife, and pressure relief valves. All these valves have similar requirements for corrosion resistance, wear protection, and assisting the sealing capabilities.

SWEPCO 165 Moly-XP Universal Extreme Pressure Grease will exceed the valve lubricating requirements and provide superior performance. Valves are everywhere and in need of lubrication. Every bulk tank of liquid or gas will have a valve:

  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Auto repair shops with bulk oil tanks
  • Oil and gas wells
  • Waste treatment plants
  • Municipalities
  • Fuel and oil distribution facilities
  • Refineries
  • Foundries
  • Mills
  • Agriculture
  • And others

Remember to keep an eye out for valves, an easily overlooked application that need a quality lubricant like SWEPCO 165 Moly-XP Universal Extreme Pressure Grease to keep them operating smoothly and efficiently for years to come. So for optimum protection: Valve Lubrication with SWEPCO 165!

For more info please also read Re-introducing SWEPCO 165 Moly-XP universal extreme pressure grease. Of course you cal also contact us.

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