Which Grease do I use?


Which Grease do I use?

Which Grease works Best for YOUR bearing application? Bearings are everywhere and used in a wide variety of applications. The same question is asked when presented with a new or different application, “Which Grease do I use?”

Food Grade:

The choices are limited to SWEPCO 115 and 116, depending upon the speed, load and temperature range.

High Temperature:

For extreme temperatures above 400°F (204°C) and areas where a non-melt grease is preferred then SWEPCO 101, 102, or 104 grease depending upon whether the use of Moly is required or desired.

For moderate to high temperatures 250°F (121°C) to 450°F (232°C) then SWEPCO 165, 123, 121, or 130 could be used.

Remember that for temperatures over 250°F (121°C) that more frequent lubrication is required due to oil evaporation and oxidation.
SWEPCO 103 and 105 cannot be used above 350°F (177°C), SWEPCO 110 and 113 cannot be used above 250°F (120°C) or they will melt and run out of the application.

Wet and humid applications:

SWEPCO 105, 103, 121, 123, and 165 work very well in water. 105, 103 and 121 form a protective shield, 123 and 165 work well with the water and can hold up to 30% water contamination. 123 and 165 have superior corrosion resistance.

High Speed:

SWEPCO 123, 101, 102, 104, and 110 are best for speeds over 10,000 rpms. SWEPCO 105, 103, 165, and 121 are good for lower speed and heavy loads. These greases may sling out at high speeds.

Heavy Loads:

Heavy loads need added protection SWEPCO 165, 123, 105, 103, and 101 are best for these applications.

Low Temperatures:

When bearings are operating below 20°F(-7°C) then SWEPCO 121 Arctic, 101, 102, 104, 110, and 165 #1 are good down to -30°F(-34°C).

Corrosive conditions:

SWEPCO 105, 103, 123, and 165 are excellent for acidic or basic conditions to prevent corrosion.


SWEPCO 121 or 123 are excellent choices for consolidation and general-purpose applications.

If you have a specification application you have a question about, you can always contact us for a recommendation. Be sure to have LETS:

  • LOAD

Information available along with any OEM requirements to aid in obtaining a quality recommendation. By this we can assist you in answering your question “Which Grease do I use?”

“To keep it running…!”

Source: SWEPCO®

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