Zonex-K Biodegradable Industrial Cleaner

Zonex-K Industrial Cleaner2

Zonex-K Biodegradable Industrial Cleaner

Zonex-K Biodegradable Industrial Cleaner is a green colored, non-abrasive, heavy duty industrial cleaner. When mixed with water it forms a powerful all-purpose cleaning solution that removes dirt, grease, grime, and floor wax. It will not steak, separate, or build up on surfaces.


  • Safe to use on any surface that will not be harmed by water.
  • Economical to use, 1-part Zonex-K to 128 parts water, 1 ounce per gallon of water or 7.5ml per liter of water will clean most applications.
  • 1 gallon (3.75 liters) of Zonex-K in water solution will clean up to 2000 square feet (200 square meters).
  • Will not streak or leave a film on glass or mirrors.
  • For heavy deposits of greasy dirt and grime, Zonex-K can be mixed with Kerosene or Mineral Spirits.
  • This one product can replace several specialty cleaning products.
  • Mild, gentle enough to use for general hand washing, the pH of the diluted product is 7.2 to 7.8, one of the lowest in cleaning products. Can be used in liquid soap dispensers.
  • Surpasses U.S Federal Specification P-D220D, Type II, Class II for General Purpose Cleaning.
  • Removes wax from asphalt tiles, rubber tile, cork, wood, terrazzo, and concrete floors.
  • Can be used in steam cleaners.
  • Rinses clean with a fresh scent.
  • Makes walls and woodwork look bright and shiny.




Floor Cleaning

Zonex-K Industrial Cleaner3


Dirty Equipment

Dirty Engines

Zonex-K Industrial Cleaner2  Window washing

See Application Information for recommended dilution and use.

Can be used in a wide variety of applications.

  • One ounce makes a gallon of powerful all-purpose cleaning solution;
  • Cleans anything washable;
  • Active chemical ingredients provide 3-step cleaning cycle;
  • Saves money;
  • Biodegradable … will not contaminate or pollute water resources;
  • Pine scented.


Do not store Zonex Biodegradable Industrial Cleaner or solutions of Zonex-K in unlined metal cans, they will rust over time. Store in plastic, glass, or lined metal containers.

Source: SWEPCO®

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