CLEAR Grease Gun Pistol Grip

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CLEAR Grease Gun Pistol Grip

Including 150mm rubber hose with 4-tooth connector and check valve and a unique combined fill and vent valve.

  • S6PG-BLUE Pistol Grip Grease CLEAR – BLUE
  • S6PG-GREEN Pistol Grip Grease CLEAR – GREEN
  • S6PG-GOLD Pistol Grip Grease CLEAR – GOLD
  • S6PG-RED Pistol Grip Grease CLEAR – RED
  • S6PG-BLACK Pistol Grip Grease CLEAR – BLACK
  • S6PG-PURPLE Pistol Grip Grease CLEAR – PURPLE
  • S6PG-SILVER Pistol Grip Grease CLEAR – SILVER

Scissors or Pistol grease guns with transparent container and color coding

A CLEAR grease gun is a transparent grease gun in which the grease cartridge is always visible. If you do not use a grease cartridge than the level and the color of the grease is shown when this is filled with grease from a barrel. The CLEAR grease guns will reduce the risk of cross contamination ie blending wrong and incompatible lubricants.

Use colored grease guns to prevent improper lubrication

  • 7 different colors
  • Scissors grease gun or pistol grip grease gun
  • Good for 400g cartridges or 500 cc bulk filling
  • Indestructible transparent tube
  • Impact-resistant and will not crack or break
  • Maximum pressure 690 bar
  • Variable stroke, for use in small spaces possible
  • Connection thread 1/8″ NPT
  • 150mm tube with 4-tooth connector and check valve
  • Heading contains a unique combination fill and vent valve

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