Pulsarlube E60cc PL1 with Standard-Grease

Pulsarlube E60cc PL1 with Standard-Grease

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Pulsarlube E60cc PL1 with Standard-Grease means we have filled it with a standard EP-2 Grease meeeting the quality as produced by all major lubricant producers, or a grease of your spcific chouce, also delivered by you.

Pulsarlube E (Electrochemical Type_Various output setting),

  • 60cc,
  • can also be filled with grease of choice, provided by you.
  • Max. NLGI class 2

The Pulsarlube E is designed to offer superior advantages in cost competitiveness and user friendliness over conventional gas type SPL units.

The Pulsarlube E has a creative and innovative design which satisfies a wide variety of demands for industrial applications. It operates based on the proven technology of electrochemical reaction which generates inert Nitrogen (N2) gas through the systematic use of an electrolyte and electrical energy.

The Pulsarlube E utilizes an intuitive mode selecting mechanism to ensure an error-free and simple operation. This product is the right choice for a cost effective, reliable, and safe SPL product for most industrial applications.

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