Proper Bearing Storage

Proper Bearing Storage

The importance of proper bearing storage is often underestimated. The conditions under which bearings and seals are stored can have an adverse effect on their performance. Inventory control can also play an important role in performance, particularly if seals are involved. Therefore, it is recommended to practice a “first in, first out” inventory policy. Storage conditions To maximize the service life of bearings, SWEPCO recommends the following basic housekeeping practices: Store bearings flat, in a vibration-free, dry area with a cool, steady [...]

STRATSON Logistics Europe

New direction SWEPCO worldwide and change in Europe

On December 31, the lubricant division of Southwestern Petroleum Corporation was acquired by new ownership and the company continues under the name Southwestern Petroleum Lubricants, LLC with the trusted SWEPCO brand name. Currently, the new SWEPCO in Fort Worth, Texas is in the process of setting up a new plant and it will be fully equipped with the latest technology in approximately 3 months, so that they can continue to make the highest quality lubricants in the world. On January [...]

Keeping your Oil Clean

Keeping your Oil Clean

Keeping your Oil Clean According to a paper presented by Chevron at the 2018 Society of Lubrication Engineers Annual Meeting, a whopping 82% of mechanical wear is caused by particle contamination. The two major contaminates are dirt and water in most situations. These are particles that you can’t even see, yet they can contribute to significate damage to equipment. Particles in the 1 to 10-micron range do the most damage. As little as one teaspoon of dirt in a 208 [...]


Pressol easyFILL 400

Pressol easyFILL 400 Discover Pressol’s versatile range of grease guns and simplify your work with the Pressol easyFILL 400 without a spring mechanism or with the PRELIxx PRO for greases including NLGI 3. Successful without spring mechanism The easyFILL 400 works quite simply: insert the cartridge, insert the follower plate and get started. The vacuum in the grease gun head moves the piston smoothly upwards all by itself. Through the “Variable Stroke” principle, the grease gun can be easily operated with minimal lever movement. Pressure: 400 bar High pressure [...]

Mobile ECO systems

Pressol All About Oil And Grease Summer 2017

Pressol All About Oil And Grease Summer 2017 This “Pressol All About Oil And Grease Summer 2017” shows you some highlights of various new Pressol products. For more information, please contact us. All About Oil And Grease Discover the new mobile ECO systems for oil and grease, as well as pressol’s optimized version of the steelpipe-barrel pump for oil. The “ECO” version consists of a light, stable, dismountable trolley (17 075) with extra nozzle holder and is suitable for 200 kg containers. The systems [...]