Garage Trias Heemstede

Garage Trias Heemstede

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  • 11 November 2016
Project Description

    Garage Trias Heemstede specializes in maintenance, repair, overhaul and preparation of Pre-, Post War, classic vehicles and Yountimers. In addition, it also maintains modern cars, both on road and track.
    Over the many years they operate the company has built an excellent reputation, especially in all kinds Healey. Also other classics and modern cars are in excellent hands.


    Mr. Kersten, owner of Garage Trias Heemstede, had in 2010 (amongst other challenges with Classic cars) a 1954 Mercedes SL in his workshop. The automatic transmission no longer functioned very well anymore. As good components for a complete overhaul are difficult to obtain and the automatic transmission was actually still too good for this he sought an interim solution. The client was thus spared the enormous costs that entail a complete overhaul.


    After having contact with Frank Kleijn he decided to take a try with SWEPCO 714 Hydraulic Transmission Fluid SAE 20. He had already experienced with other cars that SWEPCO’s ATF often can offer a more than helping hand, revisions are not quite immediately necessary.



    “The above is just one example. If there is a challenge, and I suspect that with a lubricant the necessary improvements can be reached I contact Frank Kleijn to see which SWEPCO Product may provide the desired result. The books of the lubricants used in the cars of some of my clients are no longer available and it is sometimes a puzzle to find the right product.
    In this way, initially looking big problems are often fairly easy to resolve at full satisfaction of our customers “- Mr. W. Kersten, Owner.

    Garage Trias has been using SWEPCO lubricants since 2009.